The Definitive Additive Manufacturing Experience  |  Frankfurt, Germany  |  November 10-13, 2020


‘Deep Additive Experience and Curiosity’ – Meet Hayden, Application Engineer

As a recent new hire to Dyndrite, Hayden brings deep experience in additive tools, workflows, processes and software for aerospace as well as an intense curiosity that has helped define his career.

Now is the Time to Drive Community and R&D in Additive

Dyndrite and our Developer Council members are hosting the first ever Dyndrite Developer Council (DDC2020) - a virtual event connecting today’s AM end users, buyers, and members of the press with the 3D printer manufacturers and software vendors delivering tomorrow’s innovations. April 21-22, 2020.

"I am truly excited to be delivering a new revolution in the industry with the Dyndrite team"

“I came to Dyndrite because of the company’s clear vision to solve the frustrations engineers have with current additive manufacturing software,” stated Dahlon, application engineer at Dyndrite.

2020 Will Mark a Turning Point in Additive Manufacturing.

Innovation in additive manufacturing hardware and materials in the last decade has been nothing short of phenomenal: an industry that was ‘good enough’ to do rapid prototyping, but nothing more, 20 years ago, has evolved into a thriving market that is providing certified parts for planes, satellites, energy infrastructure, automobiles and medical implants.

Strong Presence Heading into 2020

To say it has been a productive year would be an understatement! Here are few of Dyndrite's 2019 highlights.

Dyndrite at Formnext 2019

It was Dyndrite’s first booth showing at Formnext 2019 and the experience did not disappoint. Over four days, November 19-22, our team held 24 major meetings, gathered hundreds of contacts, hosted five events, and attended three more including Women in 3D Printing, the AMUG Reception, and Formnext Closing Reception.

Dyndrite Geometry Kernel and Additive Toolkit: Delivering the Promise of Modern Manufacturing

After more than 3 years of development, we are proud to finally release the Dyndrite Geometry Kernel - a software solution that is out to shape the future of additive manufacturing. With over 100 guests including developers and OEMs, our team introduced the Accelerated Geometry Kernel (AGK) on the opening day of the 2019 Additive Manufacturing Users Group 2019 Conference in Chicago.

Power, Freedom, Control

Software tools in design and manufacturing are indispensable for designers and manufacturers in today’s environment. Advancements over the years such as the introduction of CAD tools and new manufacturing processes like 3D printing have enabled us to design more complex objects and enabled the production of new types of parts never manufacturable before.