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Press Releases

Dyndrite and PostProcess Technologies Form Relationship to Bring CAD-to-Print-to-Post Processing Automation

November 17, 2022

*Companies agree to joint development effort designed to showcase automated post processing of LPBF AM production. *Additive manufacturing build preparation strategies (“Recipes”) developed using Dyndrite software will be used to inform inputs into PostProcess software to control and optimize PostProcess’ additive manufacturing part finishing solutions. *Resulting effort to enable seamless CAD-to-print-to-post process part production automation.

Meteor Inkjet Ltd and Dyndrite Demonstrate First Showing of “Meteoryte” Software for Building and Commercializing Jetting 3D Printers

November 15, 2022

*Developer-focused 3D tool speeds development and adoption of jetting within additive manufacturing *Spurs development of robust, optimized and/or novel jetting use cases *Brings new capabilities to the market, in head, controller, and software usage

Dyndrite, SCANLAB GmbH, and Fraunhofer ILT Collaborate to Bring High-Resolution Geometry Adapted Process Control Toward Commercial Readiness

November 15, 2022

*Development effort to focus on reversing the, “Hardware is outpacing the Software” trend in additive manufacturing *Collaboration to leverage Dyndrite’s toolpath API to calculate, create, and assign sophisticated laser process parameters based on volumetric analysis of 3D part geometry *Resulting high resolution data capable of driving SCANLAB based LPBF machines to their highest potential

AMC Bridge and Dyndrite Form Partnership to Meet AM Industry Software Developer Needs

November 15, 2022

*Companies join forces to close gaps in software development to fuel expansion of AM industry *AMC Bridge becomes first third-party developer of Dyndrite’s Application Developer Kit (ADK) *AMC Bridge experts to offer customized 3D design and additive manufacturing development services using Dyndrite Application Development Kit (ADK) to create new optimal integrated AM production methods from part design to full production, unlocking new markets for enterprise end-users

Dyndrite and Novanta Working Together to Enhance Laser-Based AM Metal Printing Machine Capabilities

November 10, 2022

* Companies to create proof-of-concept allowing Dyndrite software to directly generate low-level scanning trajectories for use with Novanta hardware * Allows Dyndrite software to directly write advanced laser toolpath to better control single or multi-optic Novanta laser systems * Enables Novanta customers to make full use of advanced capabilities of its Firefly 3D and Lightning™ II solutions * Opens up “Materials and Parameter” developers to develop highly advanced strategies to unlock improvements in material microstructures

Dyndrite First to Support New LPBF Open Vector Format (OVF)

October 31, 2022

Incorporates Open Vector Format file format within Dyndrite App Dev Kit. Allows Dyndrite users to directly write OVF files containing laser toolpath, parameter metadata and layer by layer streaming capability for securely driving OVF compatible single or multi-optic systems. Enables multiple different part segmentation scan strategies for optimal parameter assignments, contour parameter controls, and path planning for unique machine configurations.

Dyndrite and SLM Solutions to Cooperate on Full Support for SLM Solutions AM Metal Printing Machines

October 25, 2022

Relationship builds on SLM Solutions’ Open Architecture Initiative, allows Dyndrite software to directly write laser toolpath and parameters to control either single or multi-optic systems, and enables SLM® customers to design advanced materials, carry out process development, and build strategies that fit their unique needs.

Impossible Objects Selects Dyndrite Software for Composite-Based AM Process after Highly Successful Proof of Concept

May 17, 2022

● Impossible Objects’ process for composite-based additive manufacturing driven by the company's proprietary software will now be integrated with Dyndrite’s ADK. ● Early evaluations of the Dyndrite software delivered substantial time and cost savings to the machine and materials company.

Azul 3D Selects Dyndrite to Power New High Area Rapid Printing (HARP) Additive Manufacturing Machines ‍

May 17, 2022

● Azul 3D, manufacturer of ground-breaking resin continuous DLP 3D printers, selects Dyndrite software for its newest machines. ● HARP technology powers a new generation of printers that produces at high volume and scales quickly, opening up industrial production at a scale not previously possib Dyndrite computation engine and ADK provide Azul 3D with high-performance tools to create robust applications that enhance build preparation performance and control image generation process compensation, while delivering production-oriented features such as repeatable build automation. le. ●

Dyndrite Welcomes Meteor Inkjet to Dyndrite Developer Council

April 4, 2022

● Leading supplier of electronics, software, tools and services for industrial inkjet joins council ● Joins inkjet printhead manufacturer, Xaar, who earlier joined Dyndrite council ● Relationship aims to develop powerful new tools for jetting machine builders