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Accelerating Material Design Studies, Parameter Development, and Support-Free Print Strategies in LPBF

Download the PDF to learn how Elementum 3D, a leading metal AM powder supplier, managed to:

  • Save a significant amount of time

  • Develop superior print parameter settings

  • Eliminate support structures for parts down to 15°

Download the Free Case Study


Traditionally, developing material parameters through a Design of Experiment (DOE) has been a slow, manual, error-prone, and costly endeavor.

Current methods for assigning parameters based on feature characteristics are limited, typically distinguishing only between downskins and upskins. Achieving precise control often requires splitting the part into multiple bodies, painstakingly reassembling them in build preparation, and then assigning different build parameters to each—an impractical and time-consuming process. For overhangs at angles under 40°, support structures are needed to prevent sagging or dross. However, adding supports alters print dynamics, affecting thermal properties, build times, and material consumption, and necessitates removal through post-processing.

Discover how Elementum 3D harnessed the advanced tools of Dyndrite LPBF Pro to push the boundaries of parameter development. They achieved groundbreaking results, including the creation of support-free parameters for overhangs under 15° and the automation of the entire design study process.

Download the PDF to learn how Elementum 3D managed to:

  • Save a significant amount of time,

  • Develop superior print parameter settings,

  • Eliminate support structures for parts down to 15°

The only question remains… What can YOU achieve with Dyndrite LPBF Pro?

Download the Case Study

9:00 AM
Harshil Goel
9:15 AM
Dan Brunermer
9:30 AM
Kate Black, Ph D
9:45 AM
Matthew Pullen
10:00 AM
Steve Walton
10:15 AM
Harshil Goel
10:15 AM
Q & A
30 Minute Session, Moderated by Harshil Goel