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About Dyndrite

Dyndrite’s mission is to fundamentally affect how geometry is created, transformed, and transmitted on a computer.

Tools enable humanity. Tools give us the power, freedom, and control necessary to build our future. We, Dyndrite, make these tools.

“Our vision is to empower your soul by providing the most powerful mathematical tools on the planet. With our software you can develop innovative next-generation solutions: You can ignite your purpose.”
Harshil Goel, Founder & CEO

Dyndrite Corporation is composed of mathematicians, software engineers, designers, and mechanical engineers, all with a strong belief in the transformative power of digital manufacturing through new computing technologies. We aim to unlock the promise of emerging fabrication technologies within production-oriented environments across numerous industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, energy, consumer goods, service bureaus and contract manufacturers.

Our flagship product, the Dyndrite Accelerated Computation Engine, is a tool that gives hardware and software companies the power, freedom and control necessary to deliver the future of digital manufacturing. Our GPU-accelerated software delivers hyper-scalability, python automation and eyebrow-raising performance that helps our customers solve the toughest geometry and compute problems on the planet. Our licensees include hardware OEMs, software ISVs, enterprise developers, contract developers and manufacturers.

To help guide our roadmap, establish  standards, and promote multi-vendor solutions we host a Developer Council consisting of the industry’s leading brands, including 3D Systems, Altair, Ansys, EOS, HP, NVIDIA, Renishaw and SLM to name a few. The HP Universal Build Manager Powered by Dyndrite, announced in October 2020, is the first commercial application built on the Dyndrite Engine.

It’s been 30 years since the last CAM kernel was written - the world has changed quite a bit since then. Let’s build a better future, together.

Key Milestones

Dyndrite’s mission is to fundamentally affect how geometry is created, transformed, and transmitted on a computer. In short, we want to revolutionize the manufacturing value chain by solving the most complicated geometry and compute problems that prevent greater productivity, efficiency and innovation. Our goal is to be the math department you call when you need a new tool in your toolbelt.

Feb 2016

  • company founding

July 2017

  • Dyndrite Raises Seed Capital

March 2019

  • Dyndrite Emerges From Stealth
  • First Public Demonstration of DyndritE @ AMUG Chicago
  • Announces Series A Lead by Google's Gradient Ventures
  • Dyndrite Developer Council (DDC) Formed - 6 Members

April 2019

  • Carl Bass & Anna Patterson Join Board

May 2019

  • DDC Members - 9
  • First USA DDC Member Meeting @ Rapid Detroit

Nov 2019

  • DDC Members - 15
  • First European DDC Member Meeting @ FormNext Germany

April 2020

  • DDC2020 - First Public Dyndrite Developer Conference (Online)

June 2020

  • DMID2020 - Dyndrite Digital Manufacturing Investor Day (DMID) Event (Online)

July 2020

  • First European/UK office opens

August 2020

  • DDC Members - 20
  • HP Licenses Dyndrite Accelerated Computation Engine

October 2020

  • First Public Dyndrite Day Event (Online)
  • DDC Members - 23
  • HP Announces “Universal Build Manager, Powered by Dyndrite”, the First Commercial Application Developed on Dyndrite

January 2021

  • Second Annual Digital Manufacturing Investor Day (Online)

April 2021

  • DDC members increase to 25
  • Second Annual Dyndrite Developer Conference (Online)

June 2021

  • Awarded 2021 Tech Pioneer by World Economic Forum

Dyndrite Nervous System

Manufacturing is transforming. New digital technologies are being developed and applied to enable digital factories, and, for that to be successful, the industry needs a new software standard to enable full integration of those technologies.

Dyndrite has embarked on providing a new Digital Nervous System for companies and partners seeking to define, develop and deliver digital transformation for the manufacturing ecosystem.

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)
  • Enterprise Engineers and Developers
  • Service Bureaus
  • Value Added Developers

Dyndrite Leadership

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Developer Relations

Chief Information Officer


Anna Patterson

Google Gradient Ventures

Carl Bass


Jeremy Fiance

The House Fund

Cota Capital
The House Fund
Gradient Ventures

Dyndrite Developer Council Members