Digital Manufacturing Investors Day (DMID) Event 

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Why I Joined Dyndrite - John Mansell

Why did I join Dyndrite? Because smart automation in 3D printing is at the heart of reshaping every industry in ways that improve lives across the world.

Why I Joined Dyndrite - Alex Benham

My journey into the world of innovation was guided by my grandfather's wisdom: 'Don't make tragedies of trifles, don't shoot butterflies with rifles.' These words have always reminded me to focus on what truly matters and to approach challenges with wisdom and care.

Why I Joined Dyndrite - Aliya Asken

DevOps isn’t just a job, it’s a mindset. It involves fostering collaboration between teams, and a lot of communication. As a DevOps Engineer, I enjoy wearing many hats because I get to continue my education and learn new skills every day.

Why I Joined Dyndrite - Dennis Barnum

With nearly four years in the additive manufacturing industry and a passion for business, sales, and marketing, I plan to take an innovative and data-driven approach to generating demand for our products and raising awareness for the brand.

Dyndrite @ Formnext 2022: Another Major Step Taken

Dyndrite has entered the end-user LPBF software market with new technology specifically for materials and process development engineers and scientists. At Formnext, the company also made a number of announcements about new partnerships that promise to unlock new opportunities in digital manufacturing.

Klaus Kleinfeld, former CEO of Siemens AG, joins Digital Manufacturing Investor Day (DMID) event as featured speaker

Klaus Kleinfeld, the former CEO of Siemens, and Harshil Goel, CEO of Dyndrite, will hold a virtual fireside chat discussing the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry at the Digital Manufacturing Investor Day event on March 2, 2022.

Announcing Digital Manufacturing Investor Day 2022

Dyndrite's third DMID event focuses on late-stage companies

Dyndrite’s AutomateAM event – a few highlights

Read about the Dyndrite Advanced Toolpathing API product reveal, technical sessions from partners, and the evening activities including a reception, dinner and a high speed lap.

The Next 30 Years of Additive Manufacturing Will Be Defined by Production

There are two pillars to manufacturing success: Repeatable Quality and Traceability. AM has struggled to scale to production-grade use cases due to a number of issues that don’t allow AM to comply with these two pillars.

What Dyndrite’s New API Toolsets Mean to Machine OEMs and Developers in the Additive Industry

Developed in collaboration with our raster and vector OEM customers, as well as partners and members of the Dyndrite Developer Council (DDC), the new Toolpathing API toolsets open new opportunities for both software and hardware development for the AM industry.