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Why I Joined Dyndrite - Michael Head

Having built them, broken them, and begged them to work, I am all too familiar with the constraints of additive manufacturing (AM) machines.

At the University of Liverpool’s AM research group, I quickly realized that it wasn't the mechanical design that was holding the printers back, but the software that was used to prepare files and run the machines. The ideas and the hardware were there, but trying to strong-arm the software to turn those ideas into a reality was often a complex task. More than once I have found myself building add-on modules for machines with microcontrollers to switch build parameters, rather than being able to control them exactly how I wanted with the standard software.

Throughout my career, I have been driven by a desire to push the boundaries of what is possible with AM, working at the intersection of hardware, software, physics, and chemistry. In this time I have spent too long working around the limitations of AM software - tweaking parameters, circumventing rigid build settings, and essentially trying to force the software to operate how I needed. When I first came across Dyndrite's solution, I realized that struggle may soon be a thing of the past.

I believe Dyndrite's move away from opaque "black box" operations is crucial for enabling the rapid iteration, design freedom, and production scaling that will propel AM technology forward. By providing engineers with robust AM automation and tool pathing tools, we can enable their ingenuity and accelerate boundary-pushing developments that improve lives.

In addition to my professional passion for AM, I am an avid learner who is always seeking to expand my knowledge across different disciplines. Whether exploring through work and travel, or delving into hobbies like gaming, photography, and mechanical projects, I am endlessly curious about the world around me. I believe that surrounding myself with curious, innovative people is the best way to continually expand my perspectives.

I am confident that Dyndrite will drive real change in the industry, and I am excited to play my part in shaping the future of AM with such a forward-thinking team.

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