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Dyndrite is Powering the Next
Years of Digital Manufacturing

The future of additive is powered by Dyndrite.

Additive manufacturing hardware has outpaced the software. The way we design, iterate, and manufacture has evolved. The workflows that exist today limit creativity, slow production, and ignore available computing resources. The industry needs a new foundation to meet today’s, and tomorrow’s, demands. Join visionary companies who are part of the Dyndrite Developer Council working to fulfill the promise of additive manufacturing.

* Developer Council Members as of June 2021

The world’s first Accelerated Computation Engine.

Your machine, material, process, or design innovation deserves a software foundation that matches your ambitions. Future-proof your roadmap with a tool that empowers your software team. The Dyndrite Accelerated Computation Engine has been purpose built to solve your development challenges and overcome the issues caused when using legacy CAD/CAM software components.  Meet your goals with software architected to power the next generation of additive manufacturing.

Multi-threaded CPU & GPU-Powered Compute Scheduler

Harness modern scalable computing for blazing performance

Powerful Toolpathing APIs

Design advanced toolpaths that maximizes your unique application

Automation Interfaces

Leverage accessible interfaces including C/C++ and Python

Hybrid Geometry Core

Process massive datasets, in any native CAD or Interchange format

Any Fabrication Process

Output to existing raster or vector processes, or invent your own.

Deploy Anywhere

Windows, Linux, air gapped computers, Cloud, or on machine

The power your innovation deserves.
The abilities your customers demand.

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Develop for any raster or vector process without sharing your intellectual property.

Whether developing a new innovative polymer, metal or ceramic additive process, Dyndrite’s flexible APIs enable complexity, while providing flexibility, repeatability, and automation. Deploy your unique additive IP within your business operations model - without revealing your Intellectual Property (IP).

Ignite the soul of your product.

Build on the software engine powering the next era of digital manufacturing, without giving up your IP.

Machine Makers


Harness a powerful and flexible Toolpathing API to quickly develop new features, materials and IP -  regardless of process. Create advanced functions that deliver greater control, improve repeatability, deliver higher quality parts, and reduce post-processing burdens.

OEM Solutions

Enterprise Users


Develop highly bespoke tools that demand low-level access and precise control. Innovate on custom toolpathing for certifying new materials, expanded part families, new classes of components, and faster process qualification. Enable more complex and faster part production.

Enterprise Solutions

Software Vendors


Leverage the Dyndrite Engine and ecosystem to connect your specialized physics, MES or latticing solution directly to production-oriented machine makers. Simplify accessing machine constraints, and accelerate handling large scale data sets.

ISV Solutions

HP Universal Build Manager Powered by Dyndrite.
Plug into a new era.

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Why Dyndrite? Ask the experts.

Since our inception, Dyndrite has worked alongside a broad list of computer suppliers, additive OEMs, ISVs, and expert users to learn, challenge, and innovate a forward-looking solution tailored specifically to the digital manufacturing community. Here’s what some of our developer council members have to say:

“Dyndrite is pushing boundaries in areas that can expand the possibilities of additive manufacturing.”



“I can print faster than the data can be prepared. In what world is this a reality that the speed of the hardware process can exceed the speed of the software process? This is of course a situation that needs to be solved.”

Sam O’Leary

CEO, SLM Solutions

“Innovation within software is critical to maximizing the customer’s needs. Dyndrite provides us with this capability – IP-protected, machine-specific software innovation to unlock the potential of our machines, materials, and new business models.”

Blake Teipel

CEO, Essentium

How can Dyndrite improve additive within your industry?

For additive manufacturing to become a true production tool across all industries, the software we use must deliver the performance, portability, scalability, and repeatability required by users. Talk to Dyndrite to learn how to define, develop and deliver tools your users need to drive additive within your market.

Dyndrite Industries - Energy, Aerospace, Medical, Service Bureaus, Automotive

Learn how Dyndrite can revolutionize your additive production workflow.

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Dyndrite is Powering the Next
Years of Digital Manufacturing
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