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You control the laser.

Materials & Process Development for LPBF

Put powerful new multi-threaded CPU & GPU-powered materials and process development tools in the hands of your LPBF scientists and engineers.

  • Expand available materials
  • Accelerate build rate
  • Increase printable parts
  • Improve part quality
  • And More!
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Start From a Better Foundation

Give yourself power, freedom, and control over your manufacturing software

Dyndrite gives machine builders and materials and process engineers a powerful new path to building applications unique to their process through a GPU-accelerated engine and APIs. Our engine helps create build prep apps, qualify toolpathing strategies and material parameters, and enables end users to scale to production.

Dyndrite’s App Development Kit (ADK) makes it easy for machine builders to create next-gen Additive CAM applications that unlock sophisticated materials and parameter development (jetting, photopolymerization, LPBF), and deliver controlled and repeatable qualification processes. Put Dyndrite in your customers’ hands and watch them grow automated production lines around your hardware.

case study

How Impossible Objects Supercharged 3D Data Preparation With Dyndrite

Data Build Time
of Manual Labor
in Build Block Utilization
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Why Dyndrite?

Digital Manufacturing Needed Better Software

Today’s legacy build prep software, built on legacy kernels, ignores modern computing and struggles to handle the datasets and processing needs of present day machines. To make matters worse, every year machines get larger and require more data.

To overcome this, Dyndrite offers a modern development environment built around Dyndrite’s Accelerated Computation Engine (ACE), the world’s first GPU-powered geometry engine.  Dyndrite is geared toward the needs of the digital manufacturing industry. The Dyndrite Engine and App Development Kit (ADK) bring together all the pieces necessary for machine builders, software developers, and brands to easily create and deploy hyper-performance, next-generation apps - delivering better machines, materials, parts, and production lines.

Dyndrite was created to reverse the “hardware has outpaced the software” frustration in additive, and fulfill the production promise of digital manufacturing.

Industry Frustration

In what world is the speed of the hardware process faster than the speed of the software process?
Sam O’Leary
CEO, SLM Solutions
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Built to Power the Next Generation of Additive


Performance That Scales

Use multi-threaded CPU cores and scalable GPUs so your customers and technicians speed through workflows easily. Handle massive datasets, reduce build prep time, and lower part costs.


Flexibility Based on Your Needs

Create bespoke GUI apps. Use any file, including native CAD. Integrate with best-in-class 3rd party applications. Deploy on laptop, desktop, air gapped computer, in the cloud, or on machine.


Better Materials. Better Parts.

Drive better material and part development through geometry-aware toolpathing. Auto-save build recipes for repeatable control. Configure tools to match your specific needs and workflow.


Power Democratized

Just about anyone can create powerful apps and automate workflows — speeding development and lowering cost.


Secure Your IP

Differentiate yourself using Dyndrite’s APIs, without revealing your know-how or intellectual property to anyone outside your organization.

Protection: Secure your IP

Develop on Dyndrite without having to reveal your intellectual property to anyone outside your organization

Augment Your Expertise

Add on a Digital Manufacturing Maths Department

There’s a lot that goes into transforming the digital world into the physical. Having access to a team of PhDs, computer scientists, and user interface designers with knowledge of today's computing infrastructures, geometry algorithms, and digital manufacturing processes can be critical to your success. Dyndrite’s world-recognized engineering team sets the bar for researching and implementing the latest advancements, while programming to the bare metal to squeeze every bit of efficiency from computing resources.

Our goal is to help our customers spend more time on what differentiates them.

Ready to get started?

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Praise for Dyndrite

Since our inception, Dyndrite has worked alongside a broad list of companies. Here’s what some have to say.

“Dyndrite is pushing boundaries in areas that can expand the possibilities of additive manufacturing.”



“The Dyndrite Accelerated Geometry Engine is a great example of innovation enabled by using the latest NVIDIA GPU programming techniques and the RTX platform. ”

Olimpio DeMarco

Director of Strategic Alliances

"Dyndrite is revolutionizing the user experience in the production of CBAM parts. As quickly as 2 weeks into the project we realized a huge time savings, and suspect this is just the tip of the iceberg."



"Innovation within software is critical to maximizing the customer’s needs, Dyndrite provides us with this capability – IP-protected, machine-specific software innovation to unlock the potential of our machines, materials, and new business models."

Blake Teipel



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Dyndrite is Powering the Next
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