Dyndrite Customer Engagement Process

We’re here to help you succeed

Time is of the essence when bringing a new product to market. Miss your window and risk losing opportunity. Dyndrite releases software every 4 - 8 weeks. We serve as your concierge service helping take advantage of the Dyndrite APIs - we’re here to help achieve your goals.

Customer Engagement Process

Augment your team with specialists

We know you’re here to win. We want to help. We also know that building supercar level products takes more than an engine and a bag of tools! It requires vision, evolution, modern technology, and specialists tuning to perfection.

That’s why, unlike off-the-shelf build prep software, Dyndrite provides a “concierge” service to all our ADK customers. We serve as your development partner every step of the way, assisting and tuning your Dyndrite-powered Additive application to exceed your expectations.

At Dyndrite we don’t simply offer a library of APIs. Instead, we work with you to realize your ambitions quickly and ensure you get  maximum power out of the Dyndrite Engine.

As a machine innovator your focus is on new chemistries, novel electro-mechanics, and other innovations that push the boundaries of your fabrication processes. You also want a software strategy you can build upon that doesn’t require a  team of hard to hire programmers or turning over your IP. Your challenge then becomes providing an elegant interface that exposes your innovations in an efficient, reliable, and manageable manner, while allowing you to grow a software strategy unique to your business. Your goal is to present your new innovation to the world, while maximizing the market opportunities it presents.

Consider Dyndrite as your business partner, helping you achieve your business goals.

Dyndrite Concierge Service Benefits

Save money

  • We act as an extension to your development team, so you don’t have to build up your own GPU, math and AM workflow teams.

Save time

  • Start from our high-level framework. Create a plug-in to extend functionality.
  • We can extend or modify the Engine in a specific or generalizable way for your needs. We do this to your timescale, not to a general release cycle you have no control over.
  • We shorten the learning and adoption cycle of the Engine, enabling you to go to market soonest.

Retain your IP

  • We present you with APIs to drive your process. No need to reveal IP.
  • We help you design optimal procedure call workflow.
  • Only you know how and why you use the Engine the way you do.
  • We maintain a “Switzerland” relationship with our OEM partners.

White glove service

  • We provide Lighthouse Prioritization to ensure you meet your business objectives in a timely manner. We provide frequent software releases enabling you to develop against the latest versions as you need them.
  • Phone/Email/Slack access to our talented Product Applications team who will map your requirements to an optimized Engine workflow.
  • Access to the core Engineering team as needed.

Delight your customers

  • Give customers a tool that can grow with their needs.
  • Allow Customers to build-out production workflows already tailored to your tech.
  • Allow Customers to easily integrate your machine into their production systems.
  • Easy integrations into ERP, MES and SCADA through Python scripting - enable best-in-class solutions.

Future Proof

  • Forward compatible with latest algorithms and computing platforms.
  • Access to the latest GPU technology.
  • Extensible to meet your growing needs.
  • Maintain your own toolsets and look-and-feel.
Work With Dyndrite

Engagement Method for Machine builders

After years of working with startups and established machine manufactures, Dyndrite has developed an OEM relationship methodology, split across six broad phases. Technical and commercial discussions proceed in parallel to ensure requirements are understood, technical value is quickly shown, and commercial objectives agreed upon.

This process is tailored to each individual customer’s needs. Proof of concept deliverables are common to show technical value, and stage progression is fast, often starting full customer projects within a few weeks of initial introductions.

Our fees are driven by your requirements and timescales with flexibility. Flexible annual pricing and royalty models are designed to accommodate a variety of R&D and commercial objectives. We particularly appreciate the financial pressures on start-ups and have a range of options to reflect your point in the business creation journey.

"As quickly as 2 weeks into the project we realized a huge time savings, and suspect this is just the tip of the iceberg."


Dyndrite ADK product tiers

Accelerate your journey.

Dyndrite ADK

Base Additive CAM features needed for build prep and slicing to get you printing as quickly as possible.

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Dyndrite ADK

All the professional features you need to do materials and process development to create better parts, nest, generate supports, and build a bespoke application.

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Dyndrite ADK

For when you’re going into production or need something custom. All the features of ADK Pro, plus scriptable lights out automation.

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Stay informed with the most recent news from Dyndrite, including press releases and more.


Stay informed with the most recent news from Dyndrite, including press releases and more.