Dyndrite Application Development Kit (ADK)
Jetting & Photopolymerization For Machine Builders

Accelerate your journey from a higher base.

Dyndrite ADK

Base Additive CAM features needed for build prep and slicing to get you printing as quickly as possible.

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Dyndrite ADK

All the professional features you need to do materials and process development to create better parts, nest, generate supports, and build a bespoke application.


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Dyndrite ADK

For when you’re going into production or need something custom. All the features of ADK Pro, plus scriptable lights out automation.


Billed Annually

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Dyndrite ADK


Dyndrite ADK


Dyndrite ADK



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Additive CAM

Go beyond build prep - work with massive files and thousands of parts with scalable Nvidia GPU based performance*. Build Recipes to Included Features with UI recording. Learn More

*Requires Nvidia GPU Card

Performance, Performance, Performance.

  • STL Import, Move, Pattern
  • Regions & Supports
  • Tree
  • Raft
  • Extrude
  • Shelling
  • Slice Image (BMP/TIFF/PNG)
  • Monochrome
  • Basic Greyscale on a per type basis, per build
  • Upto 1200 DPI

Everything in Base +

  • Import Native CAD & Interchange Formats
  • Orientation Optimization
  • Nesting
  • Advanced Regions (CAD & Color)
  • Additional Supports
  • Ribbon
  • Field Based
  • Cone
  • Base GPU Lattice
  • Serialization/Labels/Part Marking/QR Codes

Are your end users developing a production line around your hardware?

Contact Dyndrite to customize a plan to fit your machine or production needs.

Materials & Process Development

Better Machine Utilization, More Materials, Better Parts. Sophisticated toolpath control based on 3D geometry feature analysis.
Learn More - Jetting
Learn More - Photopolymerization
Learn More - Laser Powder Bed Fusion


  • Non Square Pixels
  • 3D Volumetric Segmentation
  • Color by: Part, Segment Type, Build
  • Anisotropic Compensation
  • Multi-Material Gradients & Booleans
  • Variable Slice Height
  • Design of Experiment Exemplar Build Recipes
  • Process Development Build Recipes

Process Qualification & Calibration

Reduce setup and verification time by automating: build layout, parameter assignment, labeling, logging process.
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  • Database Integration
  • Report Generation
  • Qualification and Calibration Exemplar Build Recipes

Production & Automation

Develop and deploy repeatable, traceable, and automated GUI or headless build preparation workflows. Learn More



Advanced Build Recipe Usage for Production Automation


Internal Use Only

Custom GUI with Branding for Distribution
GUI/3D Render Source Code



Self Paced
Sample Build Recipes

Email, Slack, Phone (On Call, Site / Optional)
Advanced Build Recipes

Lighthouse Priority
Build Recipe Development

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