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Some Say Build Prep 2.0.
We simply call it Additive CAM.

The additive user is maturing. It’s time we moved to Build Prep 2.0 or Additive CAM. Whether at the early stages of machine development or an established vendor, let Dyndrite help you solve your software needs immediately and get users printing successfully, as quickly as possible.

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Additive CAM

The evolution of Build Prep

Build Prep Workflow

Machine Settings
Import (CAD/STL)
Nest/Pack/ Patterning
Support Generation
(Post Process)

Build preparation, also known as CAD-to-print, is the process of preparing 3D geometry for print.

Build prep is core to your printer’s story. The quicker users can print, the faster they see value in your machine and materials. Build prep is a requirement of additive manufacturing and a required software deliverable for any machine maker who cares about their customers’ experience. Whether delivering a new process or improving on an existing one, the build preparation tool that accompanies your machine is a direct reflection of your product value and brand.

For end users, the last 30 years have meant pushing build prep tools beyond their initial rapid prototyping use case. Today users yearn for a tool purpose-built to handle the requirements for repeatable final part production. They need Additive CAM.

Dyndrite goes beyond build prep, providing Additive CAM tools that deliver the features and capabilities necessary to produce better final parts that scale to production lines.

The Dyndrite ADK enables you to create robust Additive CAM applications, while satisfying your build prep needs. Dyndrite provides a springboard for continued innovation, customization, and deployment options.

  • without the need for large software teams
  • without having to reveal your IP
  • without needing to reinvent the wheel ie. common systems as import, slicing or supports
  • without compromising performance or user experience
  • without having to settle for cumbersome, difficult or complicated user interfaces
  • without having to settle for off-the-shelf build prep software

Develop an Additive CAM App that satisfies your build prep needs, including:

  • Importing native CAD or STL geometry
  • Positioning parts (translation, rotation, patterning, nesting)
  • Setting regions and support
  • Defining machine and material parameters
  • Slicing and sending data to the machine, including: (Grayscale, RGB, PNG, BMP, TIFF Image outputs)
  • Fast 3D visualization and part manipulation
  • Large multi-gigabyte files
  • Thousands of parts
Key Features

Put Powerful Additive Software in
Your Users’ Hands

The Dyndrite ADK leverages the ground-breaking Dyndrite engine and comes with everything out of the box for developing a build prep application. Save valuable time and money by easily designing bespoke tools to match your machine’s process workflow or incorporating your value-add on top of what the kit already provides.

STEP, Solidworks, STL, Hairball with 2.5M Triangles
Importing the part

Satisfy the most use cases by supporting the widest variety of file formats. The Dyndrite ADK does this and more, including:

  • Allowing you to work with multiple geometric representations and file types (native CAD/BREP, STLs etc.) at the same time
  • Handle massive multi-gigabyte STL files featuring billions of triangles on your local computer
  • Ability to use CAD-based color metadata to automate the build prep process, including specifying support types, orientation,  and label placement.
Positioning the part 

Direct part placement either manually, or programmatically.

  • Translation/Rotation/Scale
  • Nesting and Patterning
  • Orientation optimization
  • Handle 100s and 1000s of parts on a build with ease
  • Our dynamic rendering modes enable interactivity regardless of part complexity or part count, ensuring your workflow remains continuous
~1000 parts: Gears, Medical Implants, Turbines, Filters, Clips
Ribbon, Column with Raft, Tree, Truss, Extrude Supports
Defining regions and adding supports
  • Regions: (Surfaces you want to put supports on) defined by:
  • Angles
  • Colors
  • Manual selection
  • Support Types
  • Column
  • Tree
  • Truss
  • Extrude/solid
  • Ribbon
  • Cone
  • Special Operations: Shelling, Exterior Fill, Cradles/Rafts
Setting machine parameters & slicing to send data to the machine
  • Machine settings: pixels/DPI, machine dimensions, image output type
  • Slice to PNG/BMP/TIFF or customize output with post process
  • Monochrome, grayscale, and RGB images output
  • Anisotropic compensation
  • Jetting
  • Photopolymerization
Machine parameters controlling gray scale at 1200dpi
More Additive CAM Features

More advanced features are available for those looking to take their process into production. Dyndrite provides features such as sophisticated labeling, part caging, and build recipes. For more information about offsetting, lightweighting and other materials and process development features, visit our Jetting and Photopolymer pages.

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How impossible objects supercharged 3D data preparation with Dyndrite

data build time
of manual labor
in build block utilization
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Beyond Build Preparation: Why Dyndrite for Additive CAM

With so many build prep tools available, why choose Dyndrite?

Dyndrite is more than a “build preparation” tool. We enable the creation of a new generation of “Additive CAM” software, purpose-built for manufacturing and production processes. Companies use our app development kit (ADK) to deliver a variety of CAM applications, including basic Additive CAM, materials and process development, and automated AM production lines.


  • Large software teams
  • Revealing your IP
  • Reinventing the wheel, i.e., common systems such as import, slicing, and supports
  • Compromising performance or user experience
  • Settling for cobbled together, difficult, or complicated user interfaces
  • Settling for off-the-shelf build prep software

The Dyndrite ADK provides the most customizable and high-performing app generation tool available for delivering software solutions to your digital manufacturing customer base.

Multi-Threaded CPU & GPU-Powered Compute
Speed processes that used to take days or hours, into minutes and seconds. Enjoy fast and efficient 3D visualization and manipulation of massive, multi-gigabyte files and large part counts.

Everything You Need, Right Out the Box
Leverage sophisticated and hard-to-perfect tools such as proficient nesting and support algorithms.

Sleek Elegant User Interfaces
Present customers with intuitive elegant interfaces that help them get the job done. 

Customize for Your Unique Value Propositions
Customize the workflow for your specific machine, materials, types of supports, nesting, etc.

Accelerate Your Schedule. Deploy Anywhere
Get to market faster. Whenever you want. Wherever you want - laptop, desktop, cloud, air gapped, or on-machine.

Save Money For Essential Hires
Money and time are valuable. Don't waste hiring dollars developing what already exists.

  • Multi-Threaded CPU & GPU-Powered Compute
    Turn processes that used to take days or hours into minutes and seconds.
  • Leverage our APIs to customize to fit your machine or process
  • Get to market faster
  • Deploy anywhere, Desktop, Cloud, Air Gapped, or on-Machine
  • Leverage Dyndrite expertise. Save money not building large software teams.
  • Harness the latest computing advances, such as multi-threaded CPUs, and GPUs for scalable performance.
  • Continually drive innovation, without revealing your IP.

Dyndrite ADK product tiers

Accelerate your journey.

Dyndrite ADK

Base Additive CAM features needed for build prep and slicing to get you printing as quickly as possible.

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Dyndrite ADK

All the professional features you need to do materials and process development to create better parts, nest, generate supports, and build a bespoke application.

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Dyndrite ADK

For when you’re going into production or need something custom. All the features of ADK Pro, plus scriptable lights out automation.

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Dyndrite is powering the next
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Stay informed with the most recent news from Dyndrite, including press releases and more.


Stay informed with the most recent news from Dyndrite, including press releases and more.