App Development Kit (ADK)

Jetting and photopolymerization app development of a higher order

Unleash the power of your industrial 3D printers with elegant software you control. Develop bespoke applications that speed development and achieve a successful first print as quickly as possible. Unlock the full potential of the machine by overcoming process challenges.

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Dyndrite ADK Use Cases

The tools you want, for the applications you need

Harness the Dyndrite Application Development Kit (ADK) to solve your industrial 3D application needs, including:

For machine builders

Work smarter, not harder. Focus on what makes you special.

Dyndrite’s Application Development Kit (ADK) contains all the tools necessary to make a software application customized to your unique machine, process, and user experience. Whether just starting your machine builder journey or have thousands of machines deployed, the Dyndrite ADK gives your software team super powers while allowing them to focus on what differentiates your hardware or process, no need to reinvent the wheel.

Common use cases of the Dyndrite ADK include:

Let Dyndrite power your additive software. The Dyndrite ADK is a powerful tool in both the R&D and commercialization phases. Dyndrite offers flexible business models and licensing options and is start-up friendly.

The Dyndrite Engine

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Plug into a new era.

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Why Dyndrite for building your app?

Hyper-performing software that complements your industrial 3D printers

Whether delivering a new process or improving on an existing one, the software that accompanies your machine is a direct reflection of your product value and brand. Compared to 30 years ago, today’s additive machines have made great strides. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the software driving those machines.

The Dyndrite Application Development Kit was purpose-built to create application-specific workflows without:

  • Engaging large software teams
  • Revealing your IP
  • Reinventing the wheel (i.e., common systems such as import, slicing, supports)
  • Compromising performance or user experience
  • Settling for cobbled together, difficult, or complicated user interfaces

The Dyndrite ADK is the most customizable, highest-performing additive manufacturing app generation tool available for today’s digital manufacturing customers.

Performance and capabilities out of the box
Dyndrite ADK allows you to start from a foundation that comes with all the things you need to make your own bespoke app, including file import, slicing, supports, nesting, and other capabilities in a hyper-performing package.

Customizable for your unique value
Build an app with the performance you need that focuses on your unique differentiation.

Get to market faster, whenever you want, wherever you want—laptop, desktop, cloud, air gapped, or on-machine.

Save money for essential hires
Money and time are valuable. Leverage Dyndrite so you can focus your hiring on core value propositions. Don't waste hiring dollars on developing what already exists.

Innovate without revealing your IP
Leverage our APIs to build your differentiation. At Dyndrite, we take IP protection very seriously—our interaction with inventors, machine builders, and regulated industries demand it. As such, we are very public about our “Switzerland” approach in working with OEMs. This includes never asking you to reveal your IP, and never taking investment from a machine builder (though we’ve had many offers).

Our aim is to provide a trustworthy software foundation the industry can rely upon in the long term. This enables and protects the interest of the next generation of digital manufacturing innovations.

Dyndrite ADK product tiers

Accelerate your journey.

Dyndrite ADK

Base Additive CAM features needed for build prep and slicing to get you printing as quickly as possible.

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Dyndrite ADK

All the professional features you need to do materials and process development to create better parts, nest, generate supports, and build a bespoke application.

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Dyndrite ADK

For when you’re going into production or need something custom. All the features of ADK Pro, plus scriptable lights out automation.

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“All new OEMs want Additive CAM tailored to their process, anything less is a kludge. But the expense to do so is often prohibitive; I know I've been there. A small internal software project ballooned into an untenable development cost center with required customer support.”

Stephen Anderson

former head of software at leading manufacturer

Build vs Buy

Building your own Additive CAM solution requires significant investment, then good luck maintaining it

To support an initial launch, machine builders often settle for off-the-shelf apps, or cobble together something for their machine. In both cases, they misjudge the importance of software to their business.

For companies that create their own software, they underestimate the down-the-line complexity and costs. A homegrown solution needs to be continuously maintained to support new products, algorithms, operating systems, computing platforms, internationalization, regulatory requirements, and other challenges as a business grows. Those simply abdicating to an off-the-shelf solution rescind control, and in some cases, their IP.

Dyndrite provides a new approach. We offer a high-level tool that gets you started quickly, but with the expandability, customization, and IP protection needed to innovate at scale. Our vision is to inspire your software business. We aim to give you the power, freedom, and control to make software a key differentiator, even if you don’t have any programmers.

Working with Dyndrite

Engagement process for machine builders

After years of working with machine innovators across the industry, Dyndrite has developed a methodology for engaging startups and established companies. Learn more about how we work to achieve successful outcomes as quickly as possible.

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Stay informed with the most recent news from Dyndrite, including press releases and more.


Stay informed with the most recent news from Dyndrite, including press releases and more.