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Built to Power the Next
Generation of Additive

The Dyndrite Accelerated Computation Engine brings together the latest in mathematics, geometry, and compute to satisfy the digital manufacturing needs of the modern design and engineering community.


Your Very Own Digital Manufacturing Math Department

There’s a lot that goes into transforming the digital world into the physical. Having access to a math department familiar with today's digital/computation infrastructure is critical. Dyndrite’s world-recognized engineering team sets the bar for researching and implementing the latest geometric algorithms, programming at the bare metal to squeeze out every bit of efficiency from computing resources, and leading the charge through thought leadership to push the bleeding edge of digital manufacturing.

Utilize Dyndrite’s team and engine to empower your own software teams. Dyndrite’s goal is to be the best computational “geometers” in the room, not the best physicists or metallurgists. We wish to provide the world's best mathematics library to empower your solutions.

You can then spend time focusing on what makes you special, not on software drivers or the most efficient way to process geometry, all without having to reveal your IP.

The Dyndrite Accelerated Computation Engine and associated Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) democratize the access to compute-optimized geometric operations that transform digital content into the physical world.

Leveraging the Dyndrite Engine


Leverage powerful APIs to drive your unique process - without revealing any IP

For additive manufacturing to support serial production, especially of many new part classes, toolpathing needs to be more sophisticated and automated. Dyndrite’s Toolpathing API enables fast and robust development of sophisticated toolpathing  recipes for comprehensive additive software.

Raster Processes
Vector Processes

Click your preferred process to learn more about developing toolpathing solutions for your machine.


Use the Geometry Best Suited

It’s time to use the best geometry that suits your use case or workflow.

The Dyndrite Engine features a “Hybrid Geometry Core” allowing you to work with multiple geometric representations and file types. Using CAD data to unlock production grade workflows.

Even if There’s a Lot of It.

Parts data are increasing in complexity, especially those from generative design and latticing applications. The Dyndrite Engine can import multi-gigabyte STL files featuring billions of facets, or CAD data that brings other systems to their knees. Our dynamic rendering modes enable interactivity regardless of part complexity or part count ensuring your workflow remains continuous.

Print Highest Quality Files

Achieve higher quality prints and repeatability by leveraging the spline and metadata inherent in native CAD files. Drive finer part representations that match the resolution of your machine by only discretizing when absolutely necessary. Automate your workflow by using features and colors to set up repeatable recipes for manufacturing workflows.

Supported Formats
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Creo Parametric
Solid Edge


Put Modern Computing to Work for You

Multi-Threaded CPU & GPU-Powered Compute

The heart of any engine is its power. The Dyndrite Engine was designed to squeeze every clock cycle and gigaflop out of today’s most advanced multi-threaded CPUs and GPUs. Turn processes that used to take days or hours into minutes and seconds.

GPU acceleration is fundamental to Dyndrite’s core  - but we use it a little differently than others. The Dyndrite Engine is the world’s first GPU-powered geometry engine. The sheer computational power available via GPUs opens up new computational geometry possibilities, such as generating geometry, rastering images, and computing spline operations at breakneck speed.

Scalable Compute. Predictable Performance.

Regardless of workload size or complexity, the job needs to get done. Dyndrite uses a sophisticated compute scheduling system to manage available computing resources. Make the most of the onboard CPU, GPU, RAM and HD space available.

Harnessing the Dyndrite Engine means software performance that scales with the hardware. This future-proofs tomorrow's requirements and part throughput. Scale your hardware to meet your production goals whether on the desktop, the edge, the cloud, or inside your machine.


From Desktops, to Running on Your Machine

Desktop, cloud, or on your 3D printer, Dyndrite enables the creation of applications, services, and Digital Front Ends (DFE) for your machines’ process. Deploy on Windows or Linux, laptops, desktops, servers, air-gapped systems, or the cloud.


Power Democratized.

An engine is only as good as the means to tap into its power.  Dyndrite provides developers with two interfaces. Traditional C/C++ APIs, as well as an accessible Python Interface.

Now just about anyone, with little to no programming experience can create powerful applications and automate digital manufacturing workflows quickly and easily — speeding production, eliminating repetitive tasks, reducing user error and unlocking the potential of machines/materials/part families at breakneck speed.

Leverage the vibrant and growing Python community to share scripts, apps and websites. Connect with 3rd party tools and services and integrate with a system that wants to be integrated with the existing workflows.

Plug-Into a Growing Digital Nervous System - Assemble Best In Class Tools

Most factories, even OEM-specific ones, rely on numerous and complementary tools working in unison to produce a final product. Dyndrite’s  built-in plug-in system fosters multi-vendor integrations allowing tools to be extended by in-house, or a third party, including, physics solvers, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), topology optimization, or latticing systems.

Dyndrite creates a new and fertile ground for third-party tools to work together seamlessly - enabling customer-based Best In Class.

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Dyndrite is powering the next
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