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”Impossible Objects pioneered the CBAM process, bringing an unprecedented level of part durability to additive manufacturing. Our new CBAM 25 process now operates fifteen times faster than the nearest competitor, while delivering the superior material properties required for industrial-grade end-use parts.“

Robert SwartZ
Founder & Chairman of the Board
Impossible Objects
Case Study

Impossible Objects Supercharges 3D Data Preparation, Improves Repeatability and Optimizes Build Block Utilization With Dyndrite Software Engine

ON-RAMP Powered by Dyndrite, delivers an automated CAD-to-print workflow for Impossible Objects’ CBAM production process. Integrated automation tools provide benefits including much faster processing of 3D data that reduces tedious manual labor, automated nesting that optimizes build space and minimizes scrap, and customizable workflows that allow significantly faster time to first part.

Data Build Time
of Manual Labor
in Build Block Utilization

Impossible Objects is a 3D printer and materials company pioneering advancements in the additive manufacturing and composites manufacturing industries. Based on years of research and development, our composite-based additive manufacturing technology (CBAM) is an entirely new process that is fundamentally different from conventional additive manufacturing technologies.

"Dyndrite is revolutionizing the user experience in the production of CBAM parts. As quickly as 2 weeks into the project we realized a huge time savings, and suspect this is just the tip of the iceberg."

Len Wanger
CTM, Impossible Objects

Results with Dyndrite's Accelerated Computation Engine

When Len Wanger started the ON-RAMP project to evaluate Dyndrite’s Accelerated Computation Engine, he did not expect to get such significant results, so quickly. In just two weeks from the start of the project, he had already benchmarked 3D machine data preparation completing ten times faster than before. The software also turned key manual build preparation workflows, that would typically take 3 hours, into automated workflows taking a couple of minutes.

The “Rules-based Automated Masking Packing and Slicing” software project, or ON-RAMP, powered by Dyndrite, integrates the multi-threaded, GPU-accelerated, Python-based Accelerated Computation Engine from Dyndrite with Impossible Object’s proprietary software to drive its unique CBAM process. Composite-Based Additive Manufacturing – or CBAM – is a unique proprietary process designed to produce carbon fiber and fiberglass parts paired with Nylon and PEEK. It is designed to deliver production parts automatically, outshining hand layup production times while being 60% lighter than traditional parts.

“The improvement to overall workflow is remarkable,” commented Wanger. “Manual build prep is reduced from 3 hours to a few minutes with automation, and 3D data processing benchmarks go from 56 minutes to 5 minutes, meaning that the entire 4 hour process is now completed in less than 10 minutes, a 95% reduction in time.”

"Focused APIs direct CAD import capability, GPU-based processing of voxel data plus Python automation, deliver cumulative benefits to the entire CAD to CBAM print workflow. So far we are increasing build block usage by at least 20%. This reduces scrap, reduces cost per part and increases productivity, in a matter of seconds. Routines like this are like having an application engineer in a box --we are very excited."

CTM, Impossible Objects

Driving Towards Repeatability, Traceability and Improved Quality

The observed results of ON-RAMP powered by Dyndrite are not limited to processing speeds and performance. ON-RAMP is also helping build repeatability, quality and traceability.

Through automated Python scripts, the exact same settings, parameters and rules can be consistently used, every time, to improve repeatability. This also reduces the amount of failed builds and helps with traceability when a part does fail.

“The number one factor preventing true serial production in additive is the software,” said Wanger. “With Dyndrite we are finding new ways to deliver much-needed repeatability and traceability, helping to overcome a key bottleneck in the production of composite parts.

Keys Successes

Improved Productivity

Automated, GPU-based, CAD-to-Print process in CBAM improves productivity and significantly lowers operational cost

Lower Cost per Part

Advanced, automated nesting routines optimize Build Block utilization, lowering cost per part and improvements in material usage

Improved Part Quality

Rules-based process reduces failed builds and advances repeatability and part quality

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