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Dyndrite 2023 Wrap-Up

Last year was a busy year for Dyndrite. As we reflect on 2023, our aim has been to unlock new opportunities in metal AM with our customers and partners. Let's take a look at some of the highlights from 2023. We look forward to a lot more in 2024!

READ: Article About Dyndrite

Editor-in-Chief at, Michael Molitch-Hou, writes an insightful overview of Dydnrite's vision for the future of the additive manufacturing industry. Molitch-Hou concludes the article by saying, "All of this paints a picture of a company that differentiates itself significantly from the rest of the software developers in the AM industry in a variety of ways." To learn more about Dyndrite's vision for the future of the additive manufacturing industry and what makes us different from other software developers, click below to read the full article.

Harshil Goel, CEO of Dyndrite, delivered an inspiring talk on the future of additive manufacturing at AMS 2023 in New York.

Dyndrite Releases LPBF Pro for 3D Metal Printing

Dyndrite released Dyndrite LPBF Pro, an application built to empower a spectrum of additive manufacturing professionals, such as materials scientists, engineers, and manufacturers utilizing Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) printers including Aconity3D, EOS, Renishaw, and SLM. This software enhances precision, traceability, and repeatability, streamlining processes and pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing and can be accessed through our newly launched VIP Onboarding Program.

LPBF pro

What “Open” Means to the Machine OEM

Explore the concept of “open architecture” and what it means to industry leaders like Aconity3D, EOS, Renishaw, and SLM Solutions. These LPBF machine vendors advocate for open architecture, allowing users to customize and optimize various machine parameters, materials, and processes.

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Materials Consortium for 3D Metal Printing

We teamed up with Constellium, Elementum 3D, and Sandvik to announce  formation of the first industry led, “Materials Consortium” for AM. Our goal is to make (LPBF) powder parameters and related testing data for common materials freely and publicly available to end users, enabling increased knowledge sharing, better outcomes, and faster adoption of materials and techniques.


LISTEN: Dyndrite Featured in AM Radio Podcast

In CNC operations, it’s not practical to use the same speed and feed rate all the way through the entire part. So why aren't we thinking about that more in additive manufacturing?

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Dyndrite’s new LPBF Pro builds around this very principle. It enables users to query geometry and tailor parameters that work best for specific conditions, including material type, location, print speed, or any combination thereof. This fine level of control, and the ability to automate it is what AM requires to move from the rapid prototyping stage, to the production promise of AM.

Explore this concept further in AM Radio’s 46th episode, where they delve into topics like Copper, New Metal Printing Processes, Upgrades Based on Software and more from Formnext 2023.  

The Dyndrite team at Formnext 2023 in Frankfurt, Germnay.

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