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Why I Joined Dyndrite - Dennis Barnum

With nearly four years in the additive manufacturing industry and a passion for business, sales, and marketing, I plan to take an innovative and data-driven approach to generating demand for our products and raising awareness for the brand.

Why did I join Dyndrite? Simple… I wanted to work on cool stuff with cool people!

I started my career in additive manufacturing as an Applications Engineer in January of 2020. Two weeks later, I made a firm decision that I will build a career for myself in this industry because it is new, unique, and flat out fascinating. I quickly found my way into product marketing for polymer 3D printers and fell in love with developing atypical digital marketing strategies and desperately wanted to transform how businesses market their products. 

Before my career in additive, I graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2019 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. After graduation I worked as a Mechanical Design and Service Engineer for an industrial equipment manufacturer, designing components in SolidWorks and troubleshooting/fixing machine problems in the field. 

My goal is to marry my engineering, manufacturing, and 3D printing background with my marketing skills to develop unique and effective ways to bring Dyndrite’s products to the market and help propel the additive manufacturing industry into production.

Outside of work, I enjoy competing in triathlons, powerlifting, bowling and spending time with my girlfriend and family. I am also a huge dog lover and spend my free time taking care of friend’s and family’s pets. 

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