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Dyndrite @ Formnext 2022: Another Major Step Taken

Dyndrite has entered the end-user LPBF software market with new technology specifically for materials and process development engineers and scientists. At Formnext, the company also made a number of announcements about new partnerships that promise to unlock new opportunities in digital manufacturing.

At AMUG 2019 Dyndrite first announced the development of the Dyndrite Engine, the world’s first GPU-powered hybrid geometry engine targeting the digital manufacturing marketplace. Since then we’ve continually improved the accessibility, robustness, and capabilities of our engine, making it easier to develop toolpaths and applications for jetting and photopolymerization processes. 

This work has led us to work directly with machine developers, such as Impossible Objects, and more specifically those providing the heart of the systems AM processes are built around, including Xaar and Meteor, jetting head, and electronics providers respectively, and Azul3D developers of the proprietary HARP (High Area Rapid Printing) process. 

From our inception, we aim to provide the industry with a new democratized foundation that gives expert users access to the lowest level of control necessary to create imagination inspired solutions. Solutions that take us into the next generation of manufacturing.

At Formnext 2022, Dyndrite took another monumental step in our journey. Actually, you could say we took a number of steps, all leading toward the same goal. 

The first is our announcement that Dyndrite has entered the end-user LPBF software market. This new solution supports the first LPBF file standard, OVF, and supports all the major metal AM machines, including EOS, Renishaw, and SLM.  Metal additive manufacturing is the tip of the spear in solving the hard problem of making a new production solution reliable, repeatable, and economical, not just for rockets and aero, but downstream markets such as transportation and energy. Emerging products from these markets often require new materials and processes that have traditionally been too time-consuming or cost-prohibitive to develop. 

For the material scientists and engineers in these fields, the tools available today leave a lot to be desired, until now. Innovators in this field require direct toolpath control, the ability to quickly define and execute a variety of experiments, make changes quickly, and gain access to every aspect of data. They need ways to automate builds, automatically add markings, and get answers to critical questions, such as, where in the build volume was this part? Or, which lasers made it?. 

Dyndrite’s Materials & Process Development for LPBF software, built on our ADK, was designed by industrial AM users, for industrial users. As Samuel Miller, Director, AM Software, Automotive Manufacturer, one of our earliest users states:

“Dyndrite toolpathing API unlocked a new dimension of flexibility for our additive manufacturing processes. The additional control over our SLM machines enables us to achieve better material performance and cost productivity in a high-quality manufacturing environment.”

If you’re looking to get more out of our LPBF systems. you owe it to yourself to explore Dyndrite’s LPBF software. We’ve opened an “Early Adopter Program” for those needing access immediately.  Apply here

As with our direct-to-the-source efforts in jetting and photopolymers, at Formnext 2022 Dyndrite also announced relationships with the two leading laser scanning system providers to the LPBF marketplace, Novanta and Scanlab. The long-term effects of these relationships cannot be overstated. Our ability to send low-level toolpathing data directly to the scan heads will unlock new opportunities for new machines, design-to-post-processing solutions (see our announcement with PostProcess Technologies) and in situ-monitoring solutions  (see our announcement with Sigma Additive). 

We believe we are at the beginning of a new era of additive manufacturing. As mentioned, we aim to provide a new foundation for the next generation of production-oriented digital manufacturing solutions. We believe to accomplish this requires a new, previously obscured path to hardware. Dyndrite is executing against this vision. Our new partners and our new end-user app are major steps in our journey. We can’t wait to showcase the results.

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Shawn Hopwood
Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Developer Relations

Seasoned entrepreneur, author, and speaker specializing in technology evangelism, Shawn brings more than 25 years experience in developing early-stage startups and ‘stealth teams’ in high tech and advanced 3D technologies. From prior success at Apple, SGI Inc and more, Shawn brings a clear marketing vision to the Dyndrite team as the company grows and develops.

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