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Dyndrite’s AutomateAM event – a few highlights

Read about the Dyndrite Advanced Toolpathing API product reveal, technical sessions from partners, and the evening activities including a reception, dinner and a high speed lap.

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On October 7, 2021, Dyndrite, along with co-hosts Divergent, SLM Solutions and Carbon, brought together 60 AM trailblazers from across the space, aerospace, automotive, and energy industries for a one-day, in-person event that focused on the topic of making serial production a broad reality in additive manufacturing.

“There are two pillars to manufacturing success: Repeatable Quality and Traceability. AM has struggled to scale to production-grade use cases due to issues that prevent complying with these two pillars,” said Shawn Hopwood, CMO and Head of Developer Relations, Dyndrite. “AM machines are now, in the most part, not the issue, and materials are becoming more advanced every day. It is the software running AM that is deficient. It’s too complicated, manual, and has significant holes and process shortcomings, not to mention an almost complete lack of process automation.”

During the AutomateAM event it became clear that everyone attending had the same mission: find a way to break through the barriers and achieve serial production at scale, with additive.

“Everyone here has been screaming for more power, freedom and control for their manufacturing process,” said Harshil Goel, CEO, Dyndrite. “Dyndrite is here to fix the last, and equally critical aspect, the software. From new techniques that give critical insights into geometry, APIs for developing advanced toolpaths, or a method to automate it all, Dyndrite is here to serve as the AM industry’s software and math department. And, as the next 30 years is all about production, we’re here to provide software that scales with compute. We are going to promote transparency, education, and democratization while providing interfaces that aid in the development, promotion and protection of intellectual property.”

Keynote: Kevin Czinger, Divergent

Co-host of the event and keynote speaker, Kevin Czinger, CEO and Founder of Divergent, led a deep dive into the Divergent Adaptive Production System, or DAPS™ - a complete digital manufacturing solution to address system level challenges that prevent manufacturing from being truly agile.

“DAPS is a complete software and hardware solution designed to replace traditional manufacturing,” said Kevin Czinger. “It is a complete modular digital factory for complex structures. It works to make the complex simple. Given a set of digital requirements as input, the machine automatically computationally engineers, additively manufactures, and assembles any complex structure. This way the system is able to move seamlessly between manufacturing different vehicle models.”

Just days after the event, SLM Solutions announced that Divergent has completed purchase of 3 new SLM NXG XII 600 systems to ramp up its large format metal AM capacity for DAPS.

Later in the event, Steve Walton, Head of Product, Dyndrite, revealed the company’s new Advanced Toolpathing API, which is founded on 3D Volumetric Query and Part Segmentation. This new capability in toolpathing delivers the ability to segment and assign parameters to an unlimited number of thresholds, surpassing the now outdated 2.5D layer-by-layer function of upskin, downskin calculations and generating ‘feature-aware’ machine tiles. True 3D volumetric part segmenting enables the accurate printing of difficult or otherwise previously impossible models, including those with thin walls, or fine vertical features.

Other presentations and technical panels included Michael Kenworthy, Divergent, Shawn Kelly, SLM Solutions, and Doug Gergel, Carbon.

The event was followed up with an evening reception, dinner and high-speed laps driven by professional Porsche drivers.

Dyndrite’s AutomateAM event is dedicated to those companies pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing production. It serves as a showcase for what can be done, and a discussion point for what is yet to come.

“It’s my goal to put a dent in the universe by making the kind of functionality the industry needs, available and simple, easy to understand and accessible.” - Harshil Goel, CEO, Dyndrite

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