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Three Key Announcements for the Additive Industry at Dyndrite Day

Company revealed new digital manufacturing software APIs, added important new members to the Dyndrite Developer Council, and gave a sneak peek into the new HP Universal Build Manager Powered By Dyndrite.

On October 29, 2020, Dyndrite hosted its Dyndrite Day event, revealing a powerful new Voxel Application Program Interface (API) targeted to the scientific and engineering communities, a new Toolpathing API enabling custom production strategies, and demonstrations of the recently announced HP Universal Build Manager Powered By Dyndrite.

Guest speakers, Anthony Graves from HP, and Greg Morris from Vertex Manufacturing, joined the company in discussing key aspects of the digital manufacturing industry and how Dyndrite is evolving to support a new integrated digital nervous system for the additive industry.

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Learn about the New Dyndrite Developer Council Members

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The event featured software demonstrations and a live Q&A session with Dyndrite and its partners.

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