A 2-hour virtual event with announcements from Dyndrite and the partners building the next generation of additive manufacturing.

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Guest Speakers

Harshil Goel

Founder & CEO

Greg Morris

Co-founder & ceo
Vertex Manufacturing

Anthony Graves

Senior Director, Head of Software Product and Strategy, Digital Manufacturing

steve walton

head of product development

Event Agenda

Keynote & Dyndrite Technology Overview

Harshil Goel, CEO, Dyndrite

Special Guest: Greg Morris, Co-Founder & CEO at Vertex

A conversation with Harshil Goel. Learn more about Vertex Manufacturing, LLC here.

Dyndrite and The Dyndrite Ecosystem

Learn more about the Dyndrite architecture and how key partner companies are deploying new solutions on its emerging Digital Manufacturing Nervous System

Supercharging Voxels in Digital Manufacturing

Tools to enable and accelerate high performance voxel-based application development

Labeling, Nesting, and MES Integration in Additive

Using the power of Python for automated routines, and integrating a diverse ecosystem of machines and software applications

Delivering Toolpathing APIs and Pushing Standards

What does toolpathing need to become fast, repeatable, and push the limits of machines?



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