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Dyndrite Announces Ground-Breaking Voxel and Toolpathing APIs for Scientific, Engineering and Manufacturing Applications, at Dyndrite Day Event

● Development of GPU-accelerated Voxel API Brings High Degree of Accuracy and Ability to Create and Manipulate Massive Datasets ● First-of-its-kind, Robust, Customizable and Platform-agnostic Toolpathing API with Support for EOS OpenJob files ● Dyndrite Developer Council Grows to Twenty Three Members and Adds MES Category ● Software and Technology Demonstrations at Dyndrite Day, Oct 29 2020

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Seattle, WA Month, October 29, 2020 — Dyndrite™, providers of the core accelerated geometry engine used to create next-generation digital manufacturing hardware and software, at its virtual, Dyndrite Day, event today announces, along with other news, its new Voxel Application Program Interface (API). This new API enables software developers across scientific, sensor, engineering, and manufacturing industries to create and manipulate massive data-rich voxel sets with eyebrow-raising performance.

Due to burgeoning build volumes, increasing resolution, and the growing need for more metadata to aid the manufacturing process, voxel-based additive manufacturing data has seen an exponential increase in size by terabytes and petabytes. Legacy CPU-only voxel solutions struggle to create, import and manipulate these enormous data sets.

“This is the first voxel manipulation tool hypertuned for the accuracy and resolution needed in modern scientific and engineering workflows, including digital manufacturing,” said Harshil Goel, CEO and founder, Dyndrite. “With the increasing sophistication of CT scanners, MRIs,and additive manufacturing print heads, developers require more powerful tools to realize the full capabilities and resolution of their hardware. We look forward to working with our partners and customers to put this power into the hands of their end-users.”

The Dyndrite Voxel API is a new element of the Dyndrite accelerated geometry engine which delivers unprecedented performance, portability, scalability, and repeatability for digital manufacturing OEMs and ISVs building next generation solutions. It incorporates a powerful, hybrid geometry kernel driven by NVIDIA GPUs and is accessible via an integrated Python API. Dyndrite enables the development of seamless CAD-to-print workflows.

“Voxels are the language for a growing number of high-speed additive manufacturing processes and devices - especially those aimed at production," said Gareth Neal,Customer Applications Manager & 3D Specialist at Xaar PLC. "We need ways and methods to quickly create, enrich and prepare data for output. The Dyndrite Voxel API is a standout solution that could provide those outcomes."

The Dyndrite Voxel API is finding early success in the manufacturing sectors and is currently being explored for related use cases and applications that could benefit from a hyper-performance Voxel API.

At the Dyndrite Day Online Event, being held on October 29th 2020, 11 am Eastern/8 am Pacific, the company will feature keynote speaker, Harshil Goel, Dyndrite founder and CEO, along with talks and demonstrations, including HP’s recently announced HP Universal Build Manager Powered by Dyndrite. Members of the Dyndrite product team, including Head of Product, Steve Walton, who will host technical sessions. Greg Morris, CEO of Vertex Manufacturing Llc., a pioneer in metal additive manufacturing processes, will join as a special guest. The day’s announcements also include a new ToolPathing API for enabling standards across the industry, and three new members to the Dyndrite Developer Council, an industry group comprising leading AM hardware and software vendors. The new members include: AddUp,EnvisionTEC, and Link3D.

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Dyndrite provides the core accelerated geometry engine that delivers unprecedented performance, portability, scalability, and repeatability for additive manufacturing OEMs and ISVs building next generation solutions. Dyndrite’s mission is to enable production-grade additive manufacturing by helping partners incorporate GPU-native processing, Python scripting tools and seamless CAD-to-print applications. Dyndrite is partnered with additive industry leaders through its Developer Council to enable advanced solutions for their customers. Investors include Google’s AI-focused Investment Fund and former Autodesk CEO Carl Bass. The company, which was founded in 2015, is headquartered in Seattle, WA. For more information visit:

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