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The Dyndrite Developer Program

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World's First GPU-Powered Geometry Kernel

Since geometry kernels were first introduced decades ago, they have been a crucial component in advancing 3D CAD/CAM/CAx software. However, geometry kernels have not kept pace with changing computational architectures, manufacturing technologies, and design requirements. Dyndrite is addressing this challenge with the world's first GPU-accelerated geometry engine - Experience the game changing performance of GPU scalability.

Any Data Type - Natively and at the Speed of Thought

We live in a multi-application world. Yet moving 3D data between applications usually means stripping key metadata that could be used to inform the process, and worse, a decomposition to line segments crude approximations of curves - often requiring manual repair. Dyndrite is positioned to radically change the flow of data between CAD and CAM. Now applications can simultaneously support any geometry type— including surface meshes, BREPS, volumetric data, voxels, and tetrahedral meshes — and use that data within the manufacturing process.

Iterate and Automate Your Applications Quickly with Python

Python development is exploding across the globe. It makes building apps almost as easy as writing scripts. This accessibility opens the door to designers, engineers and technicians seeking an easy way to extend or customize their specific workflows. For traditional developers, Dyndrite’s extensive set of Python (C/C++ coming soon) APIs makes application development an easy, iterative process.

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