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Dyndrite For Machine Makers

Harness a powerful software environment to complement your innovative hardware

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Unlock the Power of Your Machine

Production-oriented customers need additive machines that scale with their biggest projects. Put the power of Dyndrite directly in your machine to deliver a scalable solution that crunches through the largest datasets, integrates with 3rd party tools, and matches your process and materials innovation.

3D data is exploding. Machines are getting larger, adding more heads, lasers, sensors, and extra parameters. Your R&D team needs powerful, scalable and robust tools to tackle the amount of manufacturing data needed to drive your additive process - without hiring a team of mathematicians, gpu programmers, computational geometers, and C++ programmers.

Put Dyndrite’s focus on creating the best digital manufacturing and geometry computation tools to work for you. Harness the capabilities within the Dyndrite Engine so you can focus on your unique differentiation. Don’t sacrifice throughput, quality or prevent your machine from delivering its full potential.

  • Future-proof your product roadmap with Dyndrite’s scalable and robust compute engine.

  • Leverage robust toolpathing APIs to drive raster or vector outputs for your process.

  • Deploy solutions for Windows/Linux, Laptop, Desktop, Air Gapped Computer, Cloud, or in Machine.

  • Speed research and development with high-level Python. Create machine-specific plugins or white labels while protecting your IP.

  • Connect to an ecosystem of third party software vendors.

“I can print faster than the data can be prepared. In what world is this a reality that the speed of the hardware process can exceed the speed of the software process? This is of course a situation that needs to be solved.”
Sam O'Leary, CEO SLM Solutions

Key Functionality


Leverage powerful Toolpathing APIs to drive your unique process - at scale

For additive manufacturing to support serial production, especially of many new part classes, toolpathing needs to be more sophisticated and automated. Dyndrite’s Toolpathing API enables fast and robust development of sophisticated toolpathing recipes for comprehensive additive software.

Quickly qualify and deliver difficult-to-print geometries, new machines and materials, while compensating for shrinking/thermal and gravitational distortion effects at the resolution of the machine.

Raster Processes
Vector Processes

Click your preferred process to learn more about developing toolpathing solutions for your machine.


We don't want your IP. We want to help you monetize it.

Licensing additive software for your machine shouldn’t mean that you have to reveal your unique intellectual property. A core tenet of Dyndrite is to help you protect your machine, metallurgy, materials, process, simulation and toolpath IP by delivering toolsets and APIs that allow you to keep your trade secrets, well... secret.

  • Monetize new parameter sets, recipes and strategies for new materials/part families and machines

  • Dyndrite is one of the few companies on earth that pays you to do business with them

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Use Native CAD

Benefit From Native CAD

The Dyndrite Hybrid Geometry Core supports native 3D CAD geometry to provide a seamless workflow of spline and metadata inherent within your model. Maintain the integrity of native CAD-based spline and B-Rep data throughout the entire workflow while using metadata to automate your build preparation. CAD-based color metadata is maintained to establish specific print strategies across the part such as required surface finish and treatment of complex features. This metadata may also be used to automate the build prep process, including indicating type of supports, orientation,  label placement, etc.

Have multi-gigabyte 3D geometry?Not a problem. The Dyndrite Hybrid Geometry Core handles massive 3D data including STL files containing billions of facets.

CAD colors are maintained during import. Use this metadata to automate the build prep process, including indicating type of supports, orientation,  label placement, toolpaths, etc.

Create more parts, faster

Handle Massive Datasets

Build volumes, printer resolutions, and 3D part data size are all increasing at a cubic rate. Parts are getting more complex. Users are expecting per voxel controls, wanting finer features and more sophisticated.

Like any other digital process, additive manufacturing excels when given more data. Unfortunately, today’s legacy software tools, workflows, and the formats they rely on were never designed to handle or process this type or amount of data. Today’s leading applications struggle to open, let alone process, today’s engineering design and manufacturing files. For the digital manufacturing industry to advance, the industry must change. Dyndrite is driving this change.

Manufacturing Data File Sizes

< 1GB
< 1TB
> 1TB
> 300TB
The Dyndrite Engine

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