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Elevate to a Premium Level of Control

Define your unique requirements and develop bespoke additive tools that meet your productivity and efficiency goals - while seamlessly connecting into homegrown or commercial systems, processes, and workflows.

Whether delivering on a commercial or research mandate, flexibility and control is critical to achieving bleeding edge results.

Push the limits of your machines through a robust set of APIs that enable you to engineer high-performance and production-grade solutions.

Let Dyndrite be your math department, solving your most difficult geometry, computation, and product scaling challenges.

  • Develop highly sophisticated products that demand low-level access and precise control.

  • Innovate on custom toolpathing strategies for new materials and difficult geometry.

  • Control and optimize toolpaths for critical aspects such as surface finish, repeatability, and throughput.

  • Work closely with Dyndrite R&D to engineer your unique high-performance solution.

  • Develop and keep your IP in house.

Develop and deploy custom solutions that meet your unique requirements

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