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Joining the Dyndrite Team

I joined Dyndrite’s team as the Marketing Operations Manager in April 2021 ready to take on the challenge of helping a dynamic startup really think outside the box for its marketing operations. How will I do that?

Building efficiency and automation for starters. But also finding ways to creatively apply the strong Dyndrite brand in new ways and new places. So far it has been fun:

Working with the amazing online event team to help them run the Dyndrite Developer Conference was an opportunity for learning new skills.

The chance to know more about additive manufacturing has inspired me.

But overall, the vision of Dyndrite and its role in the future of additive manufacturing is what drives me.

The level of passion, ingenuity and genius in this company is amazing. Dyndrite is a company that has brought together people of very diverse backgrounds, experience and viewpoints. I have already been learning new things from this team, and also have brought some of my own unique skills and talents to bear, including my work doing educational marketing TikTok and Instagram account to teach social media marketing, and offering resources to small business owners to convert social media followers into sales.

And when I‘m not doing all that, you’ll find me playing tennis, snowboarding or painting, and volunteering for the  Muslim Women Professionals organization and UMMA Clinic.

I want to be part of the team that spearheads true digital transformation and work alongside the thought leaders of the industry.

Our team is currently recruiting talented software engineers to join the Dyndrite team. See more at our careers page.

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