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Dyndrite is a Technology Pioneer According to the World Economic Forum

Just over five years ago, a team of mathematicians came together and started work that would bring the most powerful mathematical tools to digital manufacturing.

Harshil Goel

Although hardware in the digital manufacturing market has improved tremendously, the software used has barely evolved across the decades. Digital manufacturing, especially additive manufacturing, has brought with it a whole new set of mathematical and computational challenges, and an overall market failure to solve those challenges has meant that additive still cannot achieve its full potential as a scalable, production-grade solution. Dyndrite is changing that.

Five years later and we have been gaining momentum year by year: We came out of stealth in 2019, and by 2020 had announced the first application to be developed on Dyndrite, licensed by HP. But it has also felt like a slow crawl as we educate the market bit-by-bit, trying to change people’s views and understanding without sounding too much like ‘Chicken Little’: (In our case, instead of ‘The sky is falling’, it is ‘The software and data  is failing.’)

Today it is my absolute pleasure to announce that Dyndrite and the work we’ve been doing has been recognized by the World Economic Forum, naming Dyndrite a 2021 Technology Pioneer. Selections are made from hundreds of early- to growth-stage companies involved in “the design, development and deployment of new technologies and innovations, and are poised to have a significant impact on business and society.” Tools enable humanity. Tools give us the power, freedom, and control necessary to build our future. We, Dyndrite, make these tools.

While this recognition is a huge validation of what Dyndrite is doing, it also gives us a chance to share the critical impact of what our technology does to a worldwide audience.

Our progress, our growth, has been incredible but has only happened due to the support of the Dyndrite team, our investors, our Dyndrite Developer Council and most notably HP, SLM and Essentium, whose belief that we can change the world is making it real. Thank you!

Read more details of the World Economic Forum 2021 Technology Pioneer Award here.

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Harshil Goel
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Inventor, engineer and mathematician, with degrees in pure mathematics and mechanical engineering from UC Berkeley, Harshil leads the Dyndrite team with a vision of how modern software will transform additive manufacturing.

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