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HP Universal Build Manager Powered by Dyndrite

Bringing Scalability to AM - HP Universal Build Manager Powered by Dyndrite

HP Universal Build Manager Powered by Dyndrite is the industry’s first GPU-accelerated, additive manufacturing build prep and management solution. It delivers unprecedented performance, scalability, and workflow automation to additive manufacturing end-users while providing a robust machine and  process-specific plug-in infrastructure for the rapidly growing market of 3rd party software developers and hardware innovators.

  • Universality
    Support for the most widely adopted additive processes
  • Performance
    A High-performance GPU-accelerated voxel engine - significantly speeding up computational tasks such as support generation, slicing and toolpathing
  • Flexibility
    Support for industry standard CAD and vendor-neutral formats enabling CAD-to-print workflows for all major MCAD applications
  • Scalable
    A highly scalable architecture designed to support high part density builds to optimize throughput and minimize cost
  • Automation
    A powerful Python®-based automation engine to capture expert knowledge, process definitions and the ability to streamline workflows and automate repetitive tasks in support of lights-out digital factory solutions
  • Extensibility
    Extensible Plug-in framework making the versatility and power of the HP UBM platform accessible to every user, machine manufacturer and software vendor - facilitating the creation of process specific solutions without having to share potentially sensitive IP.

"Additive manufacturing has always had incredible potential to disrupt the global manufacturing market. We are working with Dyndrite to provide the necessary tools and infrastructure to enable additive at scale."

Ryan Palmer
Ryan Palmer
Global Head of Software, Data and Automation, HP Personalization & Industrial Business

Power. Freedom. Control.

The Universal Build Manager Powered by Dyndrite delivers a robust solution for delivering CAD-to-print workflows for additive, with powerful tools for build preparation, including CAD import, patterning, nesting, labeling, support generation, and slicing. By virtue of being powered by Dyndrite, the software uses NVIDIA Enterprise GPUs for computation acceleration and Python APIs for automation and workflow integration.

Above: HP Universal Build Manager Powered by Dyndrite screenshot depicting a build for a SLM 500 machine with two propeller files imported as CAD data. Colored surface CAD data was used to automatically generate ribbon supports for this Laser Powder Bed Fusion process.

Universal Means Universal

HP Universal Build Manager Powered by Dyndrite offers support for a wide variety of commercial industrial 3D printers and processes.

  • HP Multi Jet Fusion
  • Binder Jetting
  • Selective Laser Melting (SLM)
  • Powder Bed Fusion/DMLS
  • Stereolithography (SLA)
  • Selective Heat Sintering (SHS)
  • Electron Beam melting (EBM)
  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
  • Fused deposition Modeling (FDM)
  • Digital Light Projection (DLP)
  • Laminated Object manufacturing (LOM)
  • Composite-Based Additive Manufacturing (CBAM)

Automate with Python

Harness the power of Python and the rapidly growing Python community to capture expert knowledge, and process definitions, streamline workflows, and automate repetitive tasks in support of lights-out digital factory solutions. Do more, in less time.

Above: Python-based toolsets within HP Universal Build Manager Powered by Dyndrite allow users to automatically add embossed labels to parts.

A new era in additive manufacturing has begun. Learn more about the engagement process for machine builders.

Dyndrite Engagement Process

If you're building a new machine, writing software to drive them, or looking to push the limits of what you can get out of them, contact Dyndrite - we'll help you understand how to leverage the Dyndrite Engine, and connect into the Dyndrite Digital Nervous System.

Speak with your Dyndrite representative today. Start building your next Digital Manufacturing solution on Dyndrite.

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