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Digital Manufacturing Technology is Hot. Investors Think So Too

On June 30, 2020, Dyndrite is hosting its inaugural Digital Manufacturing Investor Day (DMID2020) designed to align the hottest digital manufacturing startups with investors in the industry. Digital manufacturing technology has proven critical in recent months helping to strengthen disrupted supply chains and delivering greater automation to enable workers to operate at a distance or remotely.

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This has triggered a greater emphasis on the technologies that are available for manufacturers.

Forbes Magazine’s May 12 2020 article recently reinforced this stating that “Between solutions that leverage the power of the cloud for visibility and automation that optimizes work, necessity will drive invention: manufacturers will do five years of innovation in the next 18 months.”

DMID2020 is a virtual event that will help bridge the gap between the cancelled trade shows and conferences where investors and startups would typically meet. 3 key investment houses are working as investor advisors to the event, helping pick hot startups and providing advice on pitches. They are: Gradient Ventures, HP Tech Ventures, and The House Fund.

“Manufacturers need to adopt digital manufacturing technologies to become more agile, responsive, and competitive. We believe we are at a crucial moment where investment in these technologies will change the face of manufacturing,” said Anna Patterson, Managing Partner, Gradient Ventures. “This event is important because it enables investors and start-ups to continue building relationships, even when we cannot meet in person. Today, resilient supply chains are more important than ever."

DMID2020 is a venue where startups have the opportunity to apply and pitch to a growing number of venture capital and investment firms as interest in the event continues to rise. Other investor groups registered to attend the event include: NVIDIA, Vellum Investment Partners, Lorentzen Capital, TCV and more.

James Taylor, Venture Partner, HP Tech Ventures supports this move. “The entire manufacturing community has been galvanized to step up, band together and deliver as never before. Companies large and small are working around the clock to deliver life-saving protective gear and medical devices in record time, proving that great minds and appropriate tech can make a profound difference. Investors are taking notice. Join us at Dyndrite’s Investor Day.”

The Digital manufacturing Investor Day is being held online on June 30 2020, and is open to startups, investors, press and select industry experts, although space is limited. Register now.

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