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Digital Manufacturing Investor Day 2020 Delivers Technology Futures

June 30, 2020 saw a novel and interesting event – the first ever Digital Manufacturing Investor Day, an online event hosted by Dyndrite that drew over 85 investor firms, and more than 200 industry press and manufacturing experts from around the world.

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The event also featured 12 carefully selected emerging companies to make their investor pitch.

“As Covid struck and conferences and shows were cancelled, we immediately reflected on   how important discovery, education, and relationship building was to both entrepreneurs and investors in the community, ,” said Harshil Goel, CEO and founder, Dyndrite. “At a time when additive manufacturing’s value is most clear, now is the best time to shine the spotlight on those thinking differently, and solving systemic issues within the industry.”

Greg Smithies, BMW I Ventures, said "The Covid pandemic is forcing global manufacturers to re-evaluate their hyper-long, convoluted supply chains. Additive manufacturing is going to be a key enabler to significantly rethink how the worldwide supply chain is rebuilt; and in so doing allow us to globally eliminate trillions of dollars in waste caused by legacy supply chains."

Selected to present at DMID2020 were 12 emerging companies innovating in the delivery, usability and application of additive manufacturing. Each company delivered  a 5 minute pitch followed by questions fielded from the attendees. The presenting companies were:

Aon3D, Addiguru, Authentise, CASTOR, Essentium, Exlattice, First Resonance, Gen3D, General Lattice, Impossible Objects, Truegage, and Voxel8.

Karan Talati, CEO of First Resonance, a startup delivering new factory operations software, commented. "The Dyndrite team did a fantastic job to bring in industry experts, investors, and some terrific startups to talk about the real challenges and opportunities to break through the challenges facing sustainable, timely, and flexible manufacturing for the 21st century.

Technologies pitched ran the gamut of MES, design-for-additive and metrology software, additive materials and new 3D printing systems showing promise for faster, more robust additive manufacturing and factory automation technologies.

Solving design-for-additive challenges with Gen3D

Solving design-for-additive challenges with Gen3D

"Dyndrite put on a great event today with their first Digital Manufacturing Investor Day. It was a great experience being able to pitch Gen3D alongside other very exciting technologies. I managed to connect with a number of VCs and useful industry contacts which I'm sure will be fruitful in the future. I would definitely recommend the event to anyone in the Digital Manufacturing sector." Wesley Essink, Chief Technology Officer, Gen3D Ltd.

Networking and connecting investors and startups was the key part to this event. To enable this the event included a specific Slack channel where investors and startups began private chats and conversations.

ExLattice simulation engine predicts additive outcomes at super fast speeds

ExLattice simulation engine predicts additive outcomes at super fast speeds.

"DMID2020 was one of the best events we've attended in 2020. It was well organized and have nurtured great communication and connections between startups, companies, and investors. We believe this event could take us to the next level that we hoped. Thanks the whole Dyndrite team to make it happen!" Runze Huang, ExLattice

You can view the company pitches and replays of the panel and keynote sessions at:

Dyndrite is pleased to be delivering every bit of help that it can to the industry through its Elevate program. Elevate is an initiative by Dyndrite to raise the profile of additive manufacturing through events and education across markets.

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