Making Serial Production a Reality in Additive Manufacturing
A One-Day Executive-Level Event  |  October 7, 2021
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Making Serial Production a Reality in Additive Manufacturing.


Additive Manufacturing (AM) is moving out of the lab and onto your shop floor. But the tools you need to take AM into serial production simply haven’t existed - until now.

Your technicians are still spending too much time on additive build preparation and qualification of machines, materials and parts. You lack automation, traceability and repeatability. Scaling into serial production is almost impossible, and your production rates remain limited while costs remain high.

The industry needs new automated digital manufacturing production lines that reduce costs, time, effort, and build productivity. Those production lines need to be scaled quickly and cost-effectively. It is beyond time for the technology to catch up to today’s needs. AutomateAM is your exclusive opportunity to see, hear and experience what’s coming from the companies that are making it happen.

Dyndrite, SLM Solutions, Divergent, and Carbon are inviting executives, leaders, and experts in manufacturing to this invitation-only one day event in Los Angeles, CA.

Event highlights include a keynote by Kevin Czinger, founder and CEO of Divergent,  Roundtable discussions with the leadership from SLM Solutions, Divergent, and Dyndrite, and several technical sessions, all held in the beautiful Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles. Stay on for the after-event cocktail hour and dinner, and an opportunity to take a high-speed lap around the track driven by a professional Porsche driver.

Join us to see the very latest software, tools, machines and processes that are scaling additive, and making serial production with AM a reality.

October 7, 2021
Porsche Experience Center
Los Angeles, California
highlights include:
  • Keynote: Kevin Czinger,
    Founder & CEO, Divergent
  • Leadership Roundtable Discussion with SLM Solutions, Divergent, Dyndrite, and Carbon
  • After-Event Cocktail Hour & Dinner
  • Take a high-speed lap around the track driven by a professional Porsche driver.

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This is a limited-seating 1 day event, located in Los Angeles, CA. While it’s free to attend, your attendance would be at your own cost for travel and accommodations.  You will be required to bring proof of vaccination to enter the venue, and comply with any local masking and health guidelines that might be in place at the time. Note that Porsche AG, and its locations, have no affiliation with this event, its hosts or participants.

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The future of additive is powered by Dyndrite.

Additive manufacturing hardware has been outpacing the software. The way we design, iterate, and manufacture has evolved. The workflows that have existed limit creativity, slow production, and ignore available computing resources. The industry has needed a new foundation to meet today's, and tomorrow’s, production demands.

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