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Dyndrite Announces the Top Eight Emerging Companies Being Featured at Digital Manufacturing Investor Day 2021

● Eight selected companies to present to more than 70 Investors, and 200 industry attendees and press, on January 19, 2021 ● Emerging technologies include nanoprinting, conductive materials, part personalization, intelligent materials and more ● Industry panel comprises top investors and entrepreneurs in the industry

Monday, January 18, 2021

Seattle, WA., Monday January 18, 2021. — Dyndrite™, providers of the core accelerated computation engine used to create next generation digital manufacturing hardware and software, today revealed the top eight emerging companies in its digital manufacturing industry that will present at Digital Manufacturing Investor Day 2021 (DMID2021).

The second annual event, hosted by Dyndrite and sponsored by HP Tech Ventures, is being held on Tuesday January 19, 2021. Investors, industry experts and press are welcome to attend.

DMID 2021 features a panel of industry investors and successful entrepreneurs including: Threshold Ventures, AM Ventures, and event sponsor HP Tech Ventures, as well as CEOs from Arrival, Bright Machines, and Tech Soft 3D.  This all-star industry panel will act as a sounding board for companies presenting during the event.

The eight emerging companies presenting to the panel and audience are: (Descriptions provided by companies):

Nanofabrica: 3D printer for precision markets.

Nanofabrica’s industrial additive manufacturing systems have an unprecedented micron-resolution with ultra-high features, details, accuracy and precision – enabled by innovative Micro Adaptive Projection technology.

Copprint: Copper inks for additive manufacturing of circuit boards

Copprint disrupts the way to digitally manufacture conductive circuits and antennas by using conductive copper inks which are cheaper and environmentally friendly and can be manufactured in the US and Europe instead of China.

Saccade Vision: Industrial 3D quality inspection and vision guided robotics.

The Saccade machine vision solution provides coordinate measuring machine (CMM) levels of precision at a rate of hundreds of measurements per second. The solution can be installed and programmed by a non-machine vision expert using an automatic conversion of a digital model of the inspected part directly into the machine vision solution.

Twikit: Capture the value of on-demand digitally manufactured, personalized products

Twikit is a B2B software company in the space of digital manufacturing, enabling brands to tap into the value of product individualization at scale.

Fortify: Composite 3D systems for high-value materials.

For3D printed photopolymers to compete with engineering grade materials, a step change in material performance is needed. Fortify is building 3D printers that leverage functional additives, used in thermoset and thermoplastic composites for decades, to boost material performance in 3D printing.

MakerOS: A business operating system that provides the infrastructure for modern product development.

MakerOS is building the infrastructure for where products are designed, prototyped, and produced. The company’s  solution is a central business operating system with an embedded supplier network that reduces overhead, increases collaboration, builds a secure supply chain, and adds additional production capabilities.

Adaptiiv Medical Technologies:Medical 3D Printing Software for Radiation Therapy

Adaptiiv is the world’s first, turnkey, regulatory-cleared, software solution for radiation oncology to enable the automatic design of patient-specific radiation therapy accessories created via 3D printing.

Link3D: Additive MES, QMS, and IoT platform

Link3D’s SaaS-basedManufacturing Execution, Quality Management, and IoT platform enable businessesto scale and optimize their Additive Manufacturing ecosystems and achievesought after return-on-invested capital.

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