You control the laser

Make the most of laser powder bed manufacturing with new software that gives you more options than ever before for controlling your industrial 3D metal printer.

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Demand more from laser powder bed fusion

Powerful metal 3D printing software for materials and process development.

Speed build rate

Easily work with large multiple layer heights and print rates

Print intricate geometry

Manufacture small features, thin walls, domes, and cantilevers

Improve 3D printed part quality

Ensure material homogeneity, control surface roughness

Maximize flexibility

Meet angle-based print support requirements

Expand available materials

Develop new materials, alloys, and multi-materials

Metal 3D printing UNLOCKED

Take control of challenging AM jobs

Dyndrite Materials & Process Development for LPBF is designed to give more flexibility and control to materials scientists and process engineers, quality engineers, design engineers, and manufacturing managers who push the boundaries of additive manufacturing.

Get the most flexible, controllable, and highest-performing toolpath generation tool available for maximizing the throughput of your industrial 3D metal printer.

Get greater design freedom
(without extensive DfAM)

  • Complex geometries
  • Intricate internal features

Compensate for print features

  • Extremely low print angles
  • Horizontal inner diameter holes
  • High aspect ratios
  • Thin walls
  • Fine surface finish

Improve 3D metal printer efficiency

  • Increase build throughput rates
  • Lase the core every th layer
  • Design for multi-optic systems
  • Use high layer height strategies

Dyndrite toolpathing API unlocked a new dimension of flexibility for our additive manufacturing processes. The additional control over our SLM machines enables us to achieve better material performance and cost productivity in a high-quality manufacturing environment
Samuel Miller
Director, AM Software, Automotive Manufacturer
Why Dyndrite for building your app?
THE industrial 3d metal printer SOFTWARE YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR

Introducing materials and process development for LPBF

Dyndrite Materials & Process Development for LPBF is the most flexible, highest-performing additive manufacturing tool available for today’s digital manufacturing user.

Control the laser in your 3D metal printer

Develop your own parameter set based on your 3D geometry. You define the laser power, speed, hatch distance, sort order, downskins, upskins, and more.

Works with top 3D metal printers and file types

Use Materials and Process Development for LPBF directly with the additive manufacturing machines and file types you prefer (see sidebar).

  • Develop custom parameter strategies
  • Segment parts in the Z direction, based on height
  • Vary slice height and build rate
  • Customize hatch vector generation
  • Apply vector sorting controls (based on gasflow, area, centroid, etc.)
  • Develop multi-optic strategies
  • Create inward and outward shelling
  • Create design of experiments build recipes for fast iterations

Drive popular 3D metal printers

  • Aconity
  • AddUp
  • EOS
  • Farsoon
  • Renishaw
  • SLM
  • Trumpf
  • More coming…

Output file types

  • Select native proprietary machine formats when provided by machine vendor
  • CLI/CLI+
  • Mesh based formats
    (STL, etc.)
  • OVF

Keep the IP

Develop innovative toolpath strategies that differentiate your business application. Then patent them so you own the intellectual property.

why dyndrite for industrial 3d metal printing

Discover the Dyndrite difference

Dyndrite’s Materials and Process Development for LPBF software includes advances not found elsewhere in the additive manufacturing industry.

Multi-threaded CPU and GPU-driven performance

At the foundation of all of Dyndrite solutions lies the Dyndrite Accelerated Computation Engine (ACE). ACE is the world’s first multi-threaded, GPU-accelerated geometry kernel for industrial 3D printing. It provides a modern approach to computing that can handle whatever multi-gigabyte files and large part counts you give it—at screaming fast speeds.

3D volumetric segmentation

Dyndrite performs advanced analysis into parts via volumetric segmentation. With this approach, the system breaks up CAD geometry into 3D areas of interest instead of using the more common 2.5D layers—a method that often misses part features such as abrupt geometric changes, and can be unstable and error-prone.

Dyndrite LPBF technology easily creates discrete zones in parts so you can develop a robust build strategy, resolving large and small features at the resolution of your machine. This leads to high throughput in thicker sections, reduces the need for complex supports, and enables you to work with new materials and special alloys.

Advanced toolpath control for better parts, faster

Dyndrite gives you control over laser parameters (focus, power, speed) and toolpath geometric parameters. It also lets you manage toolpath sort order based on powder material, the layer height, gasflow, and the geometry being printed.

Native CAD files throughout the workflow

Materials & Process Development for LPBF works with native 3D CAD geometry. Maintain the integrity of native CAD-based spline and B-rep data throughout the entire workflow while using metadata to automate your workflow.

3D Volumetric Segmentation

Example Output

Downskins, 5 distance thresholds pictured
Upskins, 5 distance thresholds pictured
Distance based inskin, 5 distance thresholds pictured

*  Dyndrite’s 3D volumetric segmentation surpasses current layer-by-layer-based Boolean toolpathing methods by using a voxel engine for advanced 3D geometric queries into a part. In the example above, the system detects thin features with 3D geometric queries, so that you can vary machine parameters across upskin, downskin, and thin feature regions.

Become an early adopter

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Working with Dyndrite

Engagement Process for End Users

After years of working with machine innovators across the industry, Dyndrite has developed a methodology for engaging with both startups as well as established companies. Click to learn more about how we work to achieve successful outcomes as quickly as possible.

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Stay informed with the most recent news from Dyndrite, including press releases and more.


Stay informed with the most recent news from Dyndrite, including press releases and more.


Stay informed with the most recent news from Dyndrite, including press releases and more.

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