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Strong Presence Heading into 2020

To say it has been a productive year would be an understatement! Here are few of Dyndrite's 2019 highlights.

March 2019: Dyndrite Emerges from Stealth

Dyndrite emerged from stealth at AMUG, Chicago earlier this year, introducing our Accelerated Computational Engine (ACE), the world’s first GPU-powered, Python accessible, hybrid geometry kernel. ACE is a groundbreaking new development environment that enables software and hardware companies to build hyper-performance 3D applications and manufacturing devices.

3D geometry kernels first appeared on the scene over 30 years ago. They enabled new design and manufacturing applications, including the ones we use today. Unfortunately, if you've ever had to wait hours or days for a file to slice, you are also painfully aware of their shortcomings.

Indeed, today our manufacturing hardware has literally outpaced our software. Legacy tools, and their reliance on legacy formats, such as the STL, restrict creativity, and productivity, especially for those moving to serial or mass production. If we are to ever achieve the promise of additive manufacturing, it's pretty clear, we need better tools.

In just one year, the Dyndrite Developer Council has grown to 15 industry leaders who aim to steer the future of additive manufacturing. We look forward to where these discussions will lead.

Formation and Growth of the Dyndrite Developer Council

At AMUG, we also announced the Dyndrite Developer Council, a group of industry leaders charted with guiding the Dyndrite roadmap, while working together to elevate the additive industry as a whole. Inaugural members included, Aconity3D, EOS, HP, NVIDIA, Plural, and Renishaw. In April at RapidTCT Detroit, Michigan, we welcomed additional members, Aurora Labs, Desktop Metal, Impossible Objects, and AON3D. Most recently we announced this community has now grown to 15 members, including, 3D Systems, ExOne, SLM Solutions, and software vendors Ansys and Altair Engineering.

It is quite an amazing thing to see competitors side by side, but it is our belief that a connected community of best-in-class solutions creates a vibrant digital nervous system which fosters innovation and delivers value to customers of all disciplines. We look forward to working with all our members to do amazing things in 2020!

We couldn’t be more grateful for the jump start, advising and introductions this community has provided.

We Closed our Series A Financing Round

Disrupting a market not only takes vision, but requires strong backing. In 2019, led by Google’s AI-focused Investment Fund, Gradient Ventures, and former Autodesk CEO Carl Bass, we closed our Series A Round of $10+ million. Additional investors included, Cota Capital, The House Fund and Amplify Partners. We appreciate their confidence, support, and guidance.

Dyndrite’s AMT with a view of the integrated Python API.

Product Announcement: Dyndrite Additive Manufacturing Toolkit (AMT)

This was a big moment for our team. Last month, at Formnext in Frankfurt, Germany, we introduced the Dyndrite Additive Manufacturing Toolkit - our first end-user application designed for time-critical, production-oriented additive manufacturing environments. AMT leverages the full capabilities and processing power of ACE to create a streamlined yet powerful build-processor that brings portability, scalability, and repeatability to your CAD-to-Print workflow. Operate on, and slice CAD data directly. Generate lattices, supports, and slice files in seconds. Output to virtually any printing process directly, including DMLS, SLS, SLM, and Binder Jetting. Automate your workflow, easily managing change and eliminating repetitive tasks through our integrated Python scripting API.

Dyndrite Founder and CEO, Harshil Goel was honored on the Forbes 30 under 30 list.

Media Attention

In conjunction with Formnext, Dyndrite has been featured in over 25 articles, including receiving an A+ performance rating from Develop3d. We were also pleased to announce our founder and CEO, Harshil Goel was named to the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list for Manufacturing Innovation.

You can now follow our journey and join the discussion on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!

Dyndrite’s AMT can help automate production workflows.

Looking to the Future

If we are to accomplish even a small percentage of the vision we have for additive, we need a radical change to the status quo. The industry needs modern software that alleviates the silos, scales with our workload, enables automation, and uses data that fundamentally produces better quality parts. We need a platform that bridges the gap between legacy STL-based systems while providing an onramp to powerful advances, such as spline printing and GPU computing. We need an environment that allows applications to work together, to create new workflows, and realize new material innovations.

Dyndrite Head of User Experience, Salvatore Bondi, presents to a packed booth at Formnext 2019.

Dyndrite is more than just a new geometry kernel or a powerful build processor. Dyndrite presents a new paradigm that turns machines into supercomputers and technicians into superheros. It provides a new foundation that empowers innovators to create hyper-performance, next generation design, manufacturing, and simulation tools that enables use to better realize what our imaginations can conceive - this is the future of additive.

We wish you a Happy Holidays and look forward to working with you more in 2020!

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Shawn Hopwood
Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Developer Relations

Seasoned entrepreneur, author, and speaker specializing in technology evangelism, Shawn brings more than 25 years experience in developing early-stage startups and ‘stealth teams’ in high tech and advanced 3D technologies. From prior success at Apple, SGI Inc and more, Shawn brings a clear marketing vision to the Dyndrite team as the company grows and develops.

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