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News Update: Dyndrite and HP Announce the First ‘Powered By Dyndrite’ Application for Digital Manufacturing

● HP’s Universal Build Manager Powered by Dyndrite is First Commercial Application Built on Dyndrite’s Core Accelerated Geometry Engine ● Solution Delivers Unprecedented Speed and Performance for Additive Manufacturing ● Empowers Additive Machine and Software Developers, and Enterprise Users Developing Next Generation Applications ● Brings scalability and automation to AM

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Seattle, WA, October 28, 2020 — Dyndrite™, providers of the core accelerated geometry engine used to create next generation digital manufacturing hardware and software, today announced the first commercial application for additive manufacturing, an advanced software solution developed by HP, using the Dyndrite Accelerated Geometry Engine.

HP’s Universal Build Manager Powered by Dyndrite is the industry’s first GPU-accelerated, additive manufacturing Build Prep and Management solution. It delivers unprecedented performance, scalability and workflow automation to additive manufacturing end-users while providing a robust machine- or process-specific plug-in infrastructure for the rapidly growing 3rd party software developers and hardware innovators.  The HP Universal Build Manager is an OEM- and process-agnostic tool, which has been supported by many leading additive machine manufacturers, while protecting IP through Dyndrite’s plug-in architecture.

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