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Join Our Upcoming Webinar: Defining the Future of Additive: Why Dyndrite? Why Now?

Oct 7, 2020, at 11:00am E/8:00am P

In the 18 months since Dyndrite revealed its new accelerated geometry engine, we have been promising a revolution in the digital manufacturing industry. But what does ‘revolution’ mean? How can this little, upstart startup called Dyndrite even dare to promise change?

Our upcoming webinar, hosted by Todd Grimm, from T.A. Grimm & Associates, aims to reveal how the digital manufacturing industry has been evolving and why new technology is needed to accelerate that change.

  • Why AM is fundamentally broken when it comes to moving from rapid prototyping to digital manufacturing
  • What has to change within our software, hardware and processes to realize additive manufacturing’s full potential?
  • What do additive OEMs and ISVs need to pay attention to to thrive in the forthcoming Digital Manufacturing marketplace?
  • What kinds of integration and automation is needed going forward? What should we anticipate and drive towards?
  • How will change, brought about by automation, affect people and the workforce of the future? What happens to your job?
  • Why are standards in the industry so critical?
  • Why has Dyndrite started the Dyndrite Developer Council?
  • And what does the Dyndrite Developer Council do, and meet about?

During the webinar, main guest, Harshil Goel, CEO and Founder, Dyndrite, will be joined in conversation by:

  • Ryan Palmer - SVP and Global Head of Software and Data, 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing at HP


  • Ryan Wicker, Ph.D., P.E. - Professor and Director (W.M. Keck Center for 3D Innovation) University of Texas at El Paso

Join us, with Todd Grimm and guests, for a Fireside Chat-style session of conversation and enlightenment on Oct 7, 2020 at 8:00am PDT/11:00 am EDT.

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