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Dyndrite Geometry Kernel and Additive Toolkit: Delivering the Promise of Modern Manufacturing

After more than 3 years of development, we are proud to finally release the Dyndrite Geometry Kernel - a software solution that is out to shape the future of additive manufacturing. With over 100 guests including developers and OEMs, our team introduced the Accelerated Geometry Kernel (AGK) on the opening day of the 2019 Additive Manufacturing Users Group 2019 Conference in Chicago.

As stated by Dyndrite CEO Harshil Goel during the first demonstration of AGK at NVIDIA GTC 2019, “we are at a unique moment where manufacturing hardware has outpaced software,” and this gap has restricted today’s creativity and productivity.

But this will no longer be the case.

With the introduction of the Dyndrite Kernel, users will now have power, freedom and control over their design and workflowDyndrite Kernel is the world’s first full GPU-native geometry engine, capable of representing all current geometry types and handling additive specific computations such as lattice, support, and slice generation.

It also provides both C++ and English-readable Python APIs making application development more accessible to users, and the ability to quickly develop sophisticated next-generation applications and interactive workflows possible.

In an interview with Fabbaloo, Harshil explained, “We’re essentially replicating what happened with Adobe and PostScript from the desktop printing revolution. One of the biggest drivers was the PostScript format. We should hopefully be viewed in the same light, in that STL is dot matrix and we’re hoping to move toward something lean and mean, removing all those bottlenecks.”

The Additive Manufacturing Toolkit

In addition to AGK, we also officially launched our Additive Manufacturing Toolkit, the first customer-facing application built on the new powerful Dyndrite Kernel

Designed around the promise of 3D printing, our toolkit aims to streamline the CAD-to-print workflow of 3D printing technicians improving overall productivity and efficiency from prototyping through to the production phase.

Further, users can:

  • Print parts directly from CAD data, bypassing the costly STL/repair process.
  • Generate lattices at machine resolutions quickly and easily without slowing workflow.
  • Generate supports based on intent, not parameters and guesswork.
  • Take advantage of script interactive workflows that eliminate repetitive and menial tasks.

In this week’s press release, Dr. Laura Lurati, Chief Scientist at Dyndrite, said: “we dramatically improve the daily working lives of additive manufacturing users. I'm excited to see the innovative solutions our users create with these powerful new tools.”

This is definitely the start of a new era and our team here at Dyndrite is now ready to deliver the promise of modern design and manufacturing.

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