The Definitive Additive Manufacturing Experience  |  Frankfurt, Germany  |  November 10-13, 2020


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DDC 2020 Vendor: Deliver Extraordinary, 3D Systems

DDC2020 VENDOR - Deliver Extraordinary Maoz Barkai, Product Manager, 3D Systems

DDC 2020 Vendor: Making 3D Printing Accessible to Manufacturers and Engineers, Desktop Metal

DDC2020 VENDOR - Making 3D Printing Accessible to Manufacturers and Engineers with Arjun Aggarwal, VP Business Development, Desktop Metal

DDC 2020 Vendor: High Productivity Metal AM, SLM Solutions

DDC2020 VENDOR Presentation - High Productivity Metal AM with Winthrop Sheldon, VP Sales & Marketing Americas, SLM Solutions

DDC 2020 Vendor: Making Materials Matter, AON3D

DDC2020 VENDOR Presentation - Making Materials Matter with Nicholas Nadeau, Head of Engineering, AON3D

DDC 2020 Vendor: Enabling the Mass Manufacture of Custom Parts, Photocentric

DDC2020 VENDOR Presentation - Enabling the Mass Manufacture of Custom Parts with Paul Anfinson, CEO, Photocentric USA, Nikita Chibisov, Software Manager

DDC 2020 Vendor: Realize Your Product Promise, Ansys

DDC2020 VENDOR Presentation - Realize your Product Promise with Nilay Parikh, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Ansys

DDC 2020 Vendor: Enabling Your Additive Production, Aconity

DDC2020 VENDOR Presentation - Enabling your Additive Production Yves Hagedorn, CEO, Aconity

Dyndrite at Formnext 2019: Maximizing Python in Additive

Founder and CEO, Harshil Goel, describes how to streamline your CAD to print workflow with Dyndrite geometry kernel

Dyndrite Developer Council: Aconity 3D at Formnext 2019

AconityMIDI Plus metal 3D printing system ncludes an Aerosint recoater that can selectively deposit multiple materials in the same build.

Dyndrite Developer Council: Ansys at Formnext 2019

Ansys’ additive simulation suite uses data-driven decision making to finalize designs forAM, from light weighting to controlling print processes

Dyndrite Developer Council: EOS at Formnext 2019

EOS discusses EOS Print’s open software architecture for integrations with CAD platforms for streamlined CAD to Print workflows

Dyndrite Developer Council: HP at Formnext 2019

HP is driving scale and differentiated value through customization and personalization opportunities enabled by its Multi Jet Fusion and Metal Jet machines.