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Introducing 3D Volumetric Part Segmentation   |   New Advanced Toolpathing APIs


The Build Episodes

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The Build Episode 5 - High Performance Compute

High performance compute in additive has been missing from the equation until now. The Dyndrite Accelerated Computation Engine delivers high-performance...

The Build Episode 4 - Support Free Additive

The Dyndrite API toolset for support-free metal additive handles geometric queries for upskin downskin, inskin, and more and apply parameters with a broader...

The Build Episode 3 - Anisotropic Compensation

It is clear that for mainstream adoption of additive manufacturing, we need tighter tolerances in parts and that this needs to happen much faster than it...

The Build Episode 2 - Greyscale in Part Segmentation

With this API toolset Dyndrite can take an additive part and divide it up into all of its key segments: The core, the shell, a lattice structure...

The Build Episode 1 - Why do we need new software for Additive?

We are at a unique point in time where the machines have surpassed the software that runs them. These are 3D print machines with higher resolutions...