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Press Releases and Dyndrite Showcase AM Materials and Process Traceability for Additive Manufacturing Production at Formnext 2021

November 15, 2021

Previously announced September 2021 partnership yields optimized build process workflow automation and build traceability enabling AM customers to deliver true manufacturing production at scale. Formnext 2021 visitors can visit at Stand 12.0-A66, to learn more about this integration and explore how advanced materials control in an automated serial end production workflow, especially in metals processes, satisfies the most rigorous QA processes.

Dyndrite Raises the Bar in Additive Manufacturing Machine and Software Development with Release of New Advanced Toolpathing API. Enables OEMS and End-Users to Develop Print Recipes for Previously Impossible or Difficult-to-Print Builds.

October 7, 2021

● Reveals new, long time industry-requested capabilities such as true 3D Volumetric Part Segmentation for detection of upskins, downskins, inskins, and features - without cutting corners ● Enables the ability to quickly qualify new geometries, machines and materials using geometric operations to compensate for challenges associated with process physics ● Opens the door to transparent and shareable toolpathing recipes that are not locked behind an OEM IP wall and hidden from the end user. Anyone can now make a recipe and share it. ● Democratizes the ability to create toolpathing strategies that enable the printing of previously impossible or difficult designs based on geometry feature analysis.

Dyndrite and Impossible Objects Speed 3D Data Preparation of Carbon Fiber Additive Parts by 10 times

September 12, 2021

● Automated, GPU-based, CAD-to-Print process in CBAM improves productivity and significantly lowers operational cost ● Advanced, automated nesting routines optimize Build Block utilization, lowering cost per part and improvements in material usage ● Rules-based process reduces failed builds and advances repeatability and part quality

Xaar and Meteor Inkjet Partner With Dyndrite on Integrated Industrial Inkjet Solutions for Binderjet Additive Manufacturing

September 12, 2021

● Delivers integrated, optimized 3D CAD-to-inkjet printhead development environment empowering OEMs to quickly invent new, more innovative raster inkjet machines ● Simplifies the machine development process by providing easy-to-implement system elements that are optimized for additive manufacturing processes, enabling OEMs to focus on materials and applications development and end-product differentiation ● Advances raster 3D inkjet printing to new levels of accuracy, reliability and repeatability through GPU-based, python-driven Digital Manufacturing Front Ends (DMFE), state-of-the-art printheads and scalable, production-ready drive electronics designed for manufacturing environments and Dyndrite Partner to Enable Mass Customization and Serial Production in Additive Manufacturing

September 12, 2021

DNA’s Manufacturing Execution System combined with Dyndrite’s Accelerated Computation Engine to deliver intelligent build preparation and process control environment with production automation at its core Elevated part traceability through automated application of metadata and unique identifiers, such as part serial numbers, to every part produced Executable scripts enable automated workflows for nesting, supports, toolpathing, process control, capturing build intelligence, and more, to develop repeatability and traceability throughout the entire additive workflow

Dyndrite Awarded as Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum

June 15, 2021

• The World Economic Forum announced its selection of the 100 most promising Technology Pioneers of 2021 - companies that are shaping industries from healthcare to retail and many more. • This year’s cohort includes representation from 26 economies on six continents with reach far beyond traditional tech hubs like Silicon Valley. • Dyndrite, provider of the accelerated computation engine that brings automation and scalable compute to additive manufacturing solutions, made it to the selection for its contributions in the field of advanced manufacturing • The full list of Technology Pioneers can be viewed below.

Dyndrite Welcomes Essentium and Xaar to Dyndrite Developer Council

April 14, 2021

● Inventor of High Speed Extrusion additive solutions comes on board ● Manufacturer of piezo-based inkjet technologies delivers a fresh new view ● Brings Total Council Members to 25

Dyndrite Announces the Top Eight Emerging Companies Being Featured at Digital Manufacturing Investor Day 2021

January 18, 2021

● Eight selected companies to present to more than 70 Investors, and 200 industry attendees and press, on January 19, 2021 ● Emerging technologies include nanoprinting, conductive materials, part personalization, intelligent materials and more ● Industry panel comprises top investors and entrepreneurs in the industry

Dyndrite Announces Ground-Breaking Voxel and Toolpathing APIs for Scientific, Engineering and Manufacturing Applications, at Dyndrite Day Event

October 29, 2020

● Development of GPU-accelerated Voxel API Brings High Degree of Accuracy and Ability to Create and Manipulate Massive Datasets ● First-of-its-kind, Robust, Customizable and Platform-agnostic Toolpathing API with Support for EOS OpenJob files ● Dyndrite Developer Council Grows to Twenty Three Members and Adds MES Category ● Software and Technology Demonstrations at Dyndrite Day, Oct 29 2020

Dyndrite Announces Three New Developer Council Members, EnvisionTEC, AddUp, and Link3D

October 29, 2020

● Pioneering Metal and Plastic Additive Manufacturing Vendors Add Influence to Dyndrite Developer Council ● Leading Additive Manufacturing Execution System Provider Brings New Integration Opportunities ● Brings total council members to 23

Dyndrite and HP Announce the First ‘Powered By Dyndrite’ Application for Digital Manufacturing

October 28, 2020

● HP’s Universal Build Manager Powered by Dyndrite is First Commercial Application Built on Dyndrite’s Core Accelerated Geometry Engine ● Solution Delivers Unprecedented Speed and Performance for Additive Manufacturing ● Empowers Additive Machine and Software Developers, and Enterprise Users Developing Next Generation Applications ● Brings scalability and automation to AM

Dyndrite Developer Council Adds New Additive Manufacturing Vendors, Additive Industries, Currax, Open Additive, Photocentric and TRUMPF

August 13, 2020

Council grows to 20 members, driving the future of next generation additive software and hardware