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Harshil Goel

CEO & Founder of Dyndrite

The Future of Additive Software

It's time we brought additive software into the current decade.

Innovation in additive manufacturing hardware and materials in the last decade has been nothing short of phenomenal: rapid prototyping of 20 years ago, has evolved into a thriving market delivering certified parts for just about every industry.

But additive manufacturing remains constrained. Every day additive manufacturing systems are engineered to be faster, more accurate and have a larger build volume for larger parts/part throughput. The quality, repeatability, speed and scale remains untapped though, due to the tools, file formats and software that launched the industry.

Frankly, the manufacturing and computer hardware we use and the people who use it, have outpaced the software.

2020 is the year when software finally catches up, and leaps ahead.

Todd Grimm

Founder and President of T.A Grimm & Associates, Inc.

Present State of AM: What we Know, What we Learned, and What to Expect

Additive Industry Consultant, Todd Grimm, sets the stage for the second day of the Dyndrite Developer Council event and reviews the industry as a whole and how it is dealing with current crises, while preparing for the future. What has the COVID event taught us in terms of filling disrupted supply chains? Is the industry at a halt or is innovation continuing? How can additive continue to develop into production-grade output on the shop floor?

Mike Geyer

Industry Marketing & Professional Visualization at NVIDIA

Real-Time Manufacturing

Manufacturing and product development professionals have never faced a more rapidly accelerating landscape of business challenges than they do today. Many of the critical software and hardware tools these designers, engineers, and analysts rely upon lack the foundational capabilities to keep up.  The most successful businesses in our industry embrace every opportunity for disruption as they tackle more complex challenges faster and more efficiently.  The next generation of tools to support them take advantage of multi-threaded computational platforms which put super computing power in the hands of everyone. Learn why Dyndrite is building their platform upon NVIDIA GPU powered CUDA technology and find out how you can take advantage of these groundbreaking developments as well.

Rüdiger Herfred

Product Line Manager – Data Preparation at EOS GmbH (Electro Optical Systems)

Shaping the Future of Manufacturing with an Open Software Architecture and the EOS Developer Network

EOS GmbH, the world's leading technology supplier in the field of additive manufacturing. The open software architecture of EOS Systems allows innovative companies like Dyndrite to integrate the EOS technology into their software platform. This enables manufacturing companies to work in one single solution with state of the art software tools and ensures on the same time to produce parts with the proven EOS quality on EOS Systems.

Carl Bass

Former CEO of Autodesk

Additive in the Next Economy - Insights from the Top

Join Carl Bass and executives from the leading AM manufacturers for discussions delving into what comes next for the additive economy — especially after this crisis. What are the next big opportunities and what has to happen to achieve it? This closing panel promises to be a thought-provoking and engaging discussion.

Featuring an executive panel:

Harshil Goel, CEO of Dyndrite
Ryan Palmer, SVP Software of HP
Martin Steuer, SVP Software of EOS
Meddah Hadjar, CEO of SLM Solutions
Dan Brunermer, Fellow at ExOne