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Investing in Digital Manufacturing Technology – the Time is Now

Digital Manufacturing Investor Day 2021 is an opportunity for investors to hear from the new emerging companies transforming digital manufacturing.

The $263.93 billion “Digital Transformation in Manufacturing” market is expected to reach $767.82 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 19.48% over the forecast period 2020 - 2025 (Mordor Intelligence, 2019).

Articles and reports from across the manufacturing industry show that manufacturers were already accelerating digital transformation prior to the experiences of the 2020 pandemic. But often it is a crisis that sparks revolution. Interestingly, as notorious as the word has become in recent history, the origin of the word “crisis” means “decision point”. Rather than being synonymous with “catastrophe”, it simply denotes a time where circumstances demand a re-evaluation of the thoughts, processes and tools required for success. The events of 2020 have certainly done just that. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, promises to “optimize the computerization of Industry 3.0” (Forbes). Industry 4.0 is a vision of a wide array of technologies coming together - including robotics, AI, AR, VR, additive and the software to make it all work - to deliver a 100% digital factory.

As a result of this acceleration, innovation is occurring in every aspect of digital manufacturing and, thanks to Dyndrite and HP Tech Ventures, investors now have a forum to connect with  some of the best emerging companies in the space. Digital Manufacturing Investor Day 2021 will feature 9 carefully chosen emerging companies that represent new steps forward in digital manufacturing technology. These companies span across innovations in nanoprinting and electronics production, personalized products, smart materials, and digital manufacturing management and QA systems.

Investors who register for DMID 2021 will receive a guide with details of:

Emerging presenter compaines for DMID 2021

DMID 2021 Agenda

8:00 AM | Welcome Message

Harshil Goel, CEO, Dyndrite

Harshil Goel
Founder and CEO, Dyndrite

“Now is the best time to shine the spotlight on those thinking differently and solving systemic issues within the industry.”

8:10 AM | Industry Panel Discussion

Ainash Rugoobur, President, Arrival

Avinash Rugoobur
President & Chief Strategy Officer, Arrival Ltd.

Arrival is pioneering a radical approach to the design and manufacture of zero emissions mobility solutions and just went public at a $5.4 billion valuation.

Amar Hanspal, CEO, Bright Machines

Amar Hanspal, Co-Founder and CEO, Bright Machines

Bright Machines is melding robotics with computer vision and machine learning as part of its Microfactory.

James Taylor, Partner, HP Tech Ventures

James Taylor
Venture Partner, HP Tech Ventures
DMID 2021 Sponsor

HP Tech Ventures is fostering an ecosystem of innovation and reinvention that will define tomorrow’s world and experiences.

Ron Fritz, CEO, Tech Soft 3D

Ron Fritz
Co-Founder and CEO, Tech Soft 3D

Tech Soft 3D provides 3D development tools that power world class engineering applications and recently acquired Visual Kinematics and Ceetron as part of the company’s growth strategy.

heidi Roizen, Partner, Threshold Ventures

Heidi Roizen
Partner, Threshold Ventures

Threshold partners with exceptional entrepreneurs building innovative consumer, enterprise, and healthcare technology companies.

8:30 AM | Company Pitches with Demo + Q&A

10:30 AM | Event Close

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