Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) Software

LPBF software, the way it was meant to be

Your laser powder bed machine is capable of some amazing things. Isn’t it time you had software capable of making those things?

Dyndrite LPBF Use Cases
Dyndrite ADK Use Cases

Powerful Tools for Your Toughest Applications

Put the power of Dyndrite to solving your LPBF software needs, including:

For End Users

Give your additive team the superpowers it needs – along with a community willing to help.

Dyndrite’s Development Kit (ADK) contains all the tools necessary to make a software application customized to your unique machine, process, and user experience. Whether you are just starting your machine builder journey or have thousands of machines deployed, the Dyndrite ADK gives your software team super powers while allowing them to focus on what differentiates your hardware or process, no need to reinvent the wheel.

Gone are the days of:

  • The inability to work with massive files, or thousands of parts
  • Waiting and waiting for slices to complete
  • Dreading the thought of labeling parts
  • Not having enough control over the toolpaths in your machine
  • Limited control over build rate
  • Having to spend a fortune on software, then on endless modules
  • Not having an open community for shared knowledge and problem solving

Put  Dyndrite power in the hands of your additive team. Use for Additive CAM, Materials and Processes Development, Process Qualification and Calibration, or for the creation of Automated Production lines. Dyndrite LPBF Increases your throughput, speeds development, and lowers your costs.

Dyndrite LPBF is specifically used by:

  • Materials Engineers
  • Quality Engineers
  • Process Engineer/Applications Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Manufacturing Managers 
Use CAse

Toolpathing based on what you’re actually printing

Develop customized toolpathing strategies based on the actual geometry being printed. Control laser power, speed, hatch distance, sort order, downskins/upskin, and more.

Learn About Materials & Process Development for LPBF
Why Dyndrite for building your app?

Hyper-Performance software the puts you in  control of your machines laser “speeds and feeds”

Compared to 30 years ago, today’s additive machines have made incredible strides in reliability, build volume and number of powerful lasers. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the software driving these machines, nor the tools available to the engineers and technicians driving the process. Whether conducting  parts and materials R&D or qualifying parts for a production run, the software you use for  your development and production process is critical to your success.

Dyndrite LPBF was purpose-built to do the heavy-lifting in transforming the digital into the physical. Our aim is to provide tools that democratize the controls to the process, in order to accelerate innovations in the process. Dyndrite LPBF provides the most flexible, highest-performing additive manufacturing software tool available for today’s digital manufacturing customers.

Dyndrite LPBF offers a direct path to your machine, bypassing the need for additional software modules*

  • SLM
  • EOS
  • Renishaw
  • Aconity
  • More coming. Please contact us for details.

*Capabilities depend on machine OEM “Openness” capabilities.

Performance and capabilities out of the box.
Dyndrite LPBF allows you to start with a full suite that features all the things you need to be successful in LPBF, including file import, supports, nesting, slicing, and other capabilities in a hyper-performing package. No more arbitrary modules for critical features required in your process.

Broad Machine Compatibility
Natively compatible with the top machines in the market, including: SLM, EOS, Renishaw, Aconity, more coming.

You now control the laser
Develop customized toolpathing strategies based on the actual geometry being printed. Control laser power, speed, hatch distance, sort order, downskins/upskins and more.

Access the power of labeling
In AM every part can be unique. Easily create a labeling strategy that matches your business or process.

Innovate without revealing your IP
Leverage our Toolpath system to build your differentiation, then patent it.

Dyndrite LPBF Product Tiers

No add-on support modules or special modules.

Dyndrite LPBF

Everything you need for your LPBF machine right out of the box.

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Dyndrite LPBF

For those who have
multi-optic machines.

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Dyndrite LPBF

For those are developing
production manufacturing lines.

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“Coming from a large rocket manufacturer, I’ve scoped the challenge of defining, developing, and integrating software tools in a large additive organization. To enable innovation and rationally qualify AM for production, there are many activities to organize and execute, large files to generate and track, and databases to integrate with each other. Every operation brings a unique set of challenges to the problem, and there are no software tools that optimally solve the branching and merging workflow for highly sophisticated, and often discrete, geometry and process constraints. Dyndrite provides the tools and APIs to explore, automate, and optimize the interfaces between part design, process development, and large scale production.”

SteVE Walton

Head of Product, Dyndrite


Your organization requires scalable, high-performance, and flexible software

Additive manufacturing is evolving into a reliable, repeatable go-to manufacturing process for brands around the world. Your organization requires scalable, high-performance, and flexible software that goes beyond the early software tools that helped you get started. 

Dyndrite is here to meet your materials and process development challenges.

Working with Dyndrite

Engagement Process for End Users

After years of working with machine innovators across the industry, Dyndrite has developed a methodology for engaging with both startups as well as established companies. Click to learn more about how we work to achieve successful outcomes as quickly as possible.

Dyndrite is Powering the Next
Years of Digital Manufacturing

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News & Resources

Stay informed with the most recent news from Dyndrite, including press releases and more.


Stay informed with the most recent news from Dyndrite, including press releases and more.