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Employee Profile: Introducing Roderick Hossack, Software Developer

“It was not until I started at Dyndrite that I truly realized just how close the work is to my original passion - game development,” says Roderick, a recent new employee at Dyndrite.

Starting at Dyndrite in May 2021, Roderick brings 11 years of development experience, fueled by a Bachelor’s degree in Game and Simulation Programming and a passion for all kinds of gaming, anime, VR simulation and more. With past jobs at EA Sports and Microsoft under his belt, Roderick has jumped into Dyndrite with ease and enthusiasm.

“When I found out that Dyndrite develops software for industrial 3D printing with GPU-accelerated algorithms, I was hooked,” he says. “It is a really cool place to work."

Another aspect of the work environment he enjoys is the culture of respect and a focus on quality of work life at the company.

“I like everyone I have met and work with here at the company,” he says. “But the company itself goes beyond that - it is a culture of getting issues addressed, of removing barriers to success, in a logical manner, and there’s an awful lot of brain power used to achieve that. It says a lot to me because the quality of my work life counts.”

When Roderick isn’t busy working on new features for the Dyndrite Accelerated Computation Engine, he tends to be at home building his expertise in sim racing, video games and bingeing on Gundam anime.

Welcome, Roderick, to the team!

Dyndrite is searching for experienced developers like Roderick. Visit our careers page to find out how you can become part of the Dyndrite team.

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